A lot of people look at me and see where I am now. They see me on adventures, the creator of Wisdom Wheel and helping many people to cultivate more joy and freedom in their lives.

Let me tell you it wasn’t always that way. On the outside, my life looked good – great house, fabulous holidays, but it felt like work had taken over and was dominating my life. In 2014 I was chronically stressed, due to work pressures. I was in constant fight and flight – reacting and wired. Mentally, I felt overwhelmed and powerless. Physically I experienced chest pains and an anxiety attack as I opened the door to the office. My creativity and productivity plummeted because my thoughts were scattered. My head was full of negative thoughts that weakened me and I catastrophised about the future. I tried to change; I eat well and exercised but it wasn’t enough. The downward spiral continued, and in the end, burnout meant I had to take time off work.

I don’t know if anyone can relate to that?  I was exhausted from years of being activated by fear, I had no energy. I was at rock-bottom. I searched for clarity. Why was my life the way it was? I’m a farmer’s daughter and from a young age I had to help at the farm. Farming is a 24/7 life. This planted a belief in my subconscious – I have to be a good worker to be acknowledged and judged as a good person. This belief meant my work expanded in my life. I had to work harder and harder, it was untenable, I felt pressured, my workaholic lifestyle was harming me.

I had to find a better way. I discovered several things that helped me get better. I discerned what’s important for me and created boundaries around work time. I switched my mindset and applied embodiment practices. With practice I felt calmer and able to cope. Life Alignment helped me find the root causes of my suffering and release these limiting beliefs.

My energy went through more highs and lows. I was trying different things, noticing what energised and what depleted me. Through this experience I distilled the 8 aspects that form Wisdom Wheel. These are the strong strands that form the warp and weft in life. They centre, enrich and enliven. Wisdom Wheel anchors simple practices into everyday life developing wellbeing, resilience, confidence and feeling free.

Soulful practices helped me connect to my true nature and purpose. I now support others in their unique health and wellbeing journey to mastery. As a Life Alignment practitioner and intuitive coach, I work one to one and in groups. I am passionate about connecting people to their true nature and purpose. I have coached many people, who decided they wanted to change their life. I support them to connect to their heart-compass and create a better life.

Intuitive Coaching techniques and Life Alignment breakthrough the hidden limiting beliefs that derail us. These break repeating patterns enabling people move forward in their life as the learning is integrated. By creating a meaningful life with support of Natural Success tools and the Wisdom Wheel formula, they feel empowered, satisfied, energised and greater self-worth. I help businesses struggling with staff wellbeing and retention. Through Wisdom Wheel employees become their best selves – calm, capable, confident and energised.