Sarah, having found the courage to face her own shame, now supports others to do the same. Shame silences us. But when we speak our shame, we release its grip on our lives. Sarah provides the space for you to be courageous, to face shame and become clear on who you are, through both individual and group work. She brings years of personal development work with embodied coaching, energy healing and creativity to create the environment where this beautiful combination unlocks your inner wisdom.

On life’s journey, sometimes we want to travel alone and sometimes we need a guide. Sarah’s transformational development circles are a safe space for women to share their experiences, grow and connect. Her passion is guiding women to awe, joy and authentic greatness.

Supporting and guiding women going through great change in their life, enabling them to transform. Sarah enables you to change your thinking, by a step-by-step process of moving from where you are, to where you want to be. You no longer think or act as you did, creating a future full of new possibilities. You can make your dreams come true. Sarah’s self-development courses help women break out of restrictive thoughts and create the life they love.

Sarah lives in York. She loves adventures in her canoe, touring on her motorbike, hiking, cycling and resting by the campfire.