Exclusive one to one work

Working one-to-one we can get deeply personal, tackling the blocks and fears that hold you back. Both coaching and energy work will help you strip away the stories that keep you small.

Things not quite right? I can help you get to the source of the issue in a Transformational Healing session. Be your Best! Quantum physics shows that everything is made of energy. 

If you aren’t making progress in your life as a Coach I can help you. We work together, clarify your goal and I’ll helpfully hold you to account to your actions. Get moving! 


“I went to see Sarah for Energy Healing, partly out of curiosity and partly because my life was just feeling ‘flat’. I knew I needed to do something to improve my day to day existence but couldn’t motivate myself to do the things I thought would help. I hadn’t expected to visit past events that were weighing me down and certainly didn’t expect to clear them away and get my buzz back. Now I am revitalised, positive and excited about what is to come and I would recommend this experience to everyone.”
- Mrs KL
Retired Administration Manager

Schedule your Complementary 20 minute Discovery Call to find out how Coaching and Energy Healing can help you.