Happiness At Home

Stuck in a rut and struggling with negative thinking? I can help you get that holiday vitality every day. Often the smallest changes can make the biggest impact.

Feel free, wherever you are!

Feeling miserable?

 Don’t have the funds or the focus to get out of it?

Here’s the problem. Your head is working against you: you’re beating yourself up every day. Those mental whispers or yells that you’re not good enough, you can’t do things because you’re not smart, beautiful or capable. The world’s against you.

It might feel like getting away from it all will fix it. And that feels out of your reach. But you don’t need to go on holiday to hit that reset button. There is a way to get holiday happiness every day.

The secret is inside you.


You can learn practical, accessible tools and techniques that will reframe your relationship with yourself and your life.

This online course will guide you to:

Take stock of your reality

Train your brain

Identify negative influences

Create new habits

Bring the new in to your life

Create a plan to improve your life

So that you:

  • Reshape the way you think, because what you think, you are…
  • Live in a way that’s right for you
  • Understand fear and move through it to do what you want
  • Detox your life
  • Create space new exciting opportunities
  • Live your truth

What’s involved?

  • Self-study at your own pace.
  • Complementary module on optimising your learning, so you have the knowledge to elevate your effectiveness as a learner.
  • 7 modules
  • Lifetime access
  • You can access it when you want, where ever you are in the world.

Time investment:

You need to commit to working through the modules and completing the tasks in each. All are easy tools and techniques. These habits need time to instil in your life, so they become your new operating system. They need to move from a conscious choice to the way you do things. This is like going to the gym, you need to dedicate time to set up and instil new habits in your life for long-term gain.

If you’d like to connect with others ready to make these changes, you’re welcome to join us in the Explore Discover Group too – a free online community of women looking to make changes and create their own adventures in life.

Financial investment:

This self-study course is just £44.40.

Yes, sign me up!