Journey to Joy & Confidence


It will rewire how you think about yourself

How you see yourself and what you want in life

Better relationship with yourself

Better relationships with others

It will release you from doubt.

Know who you are, your magnificence

Reconnect to your joyful nature

Reclaim your self esteem

Get clear with your boundaries

Release feeling manipulated and controlled

Make yourself a priority

Commit to your future

Take control of the direction of your future

With clarity step fearlessly into your purpose

START: SUNDAY 17th OCTOBER 7.30 – 9pm

Meet in our Sacred Circle every Sunday for 10 weeks

to Sunday 19th December



Enjoying some precious “me time”

Time to let go of old stories

Time to reconnect with your truth

Feel relaxed and deeply connected

In each circle you explore a different aspect of yourself

Think about it… how does your life feel at the moment?

Can you tick any of the items in the list below…

  • Your opinions aren’t heard and don’t matter
  • It’s hard to stick up for what you want
  • It’s hard to say no
  • Other’s wishes always seem to come before your own
  • Other people’s work feels more important than yours
  • You don’t feel successful
  • You feel under-valued
  • People take you for granted
  • You don’t celebrate your achievements
  • You apologise a lot
  • Life has little meaning other than doing things for others

Did you recognise some?  If you identified with three or more … read on!

This is your opportunity to change the course of your life.

Do you want to make some real changes?

I’m not talking about buy some shoes and lipstick to make you look pretty on the outside, meanwhile you continue to feel  sad on the inside.

We have become masters of the mask in our lives!

Put on the smile! Tell people “I’m fine” and grab a glass of wine…

Sound familiar? Let’s be honest the majority of us have been there or are still there. I’ve been there and I know its a miserable place, that’s why I created Journey to Joy & Confidence to support other women. 

I am here to show you the way to get transformational results in your life in 10 weeks.   

I am offering you the opportunity to fundamentally change the way you feel about yourself.

Let go of  what’s draining your energy.

Appreciate all that you are.

Self-compassion on your life journey.

Create healthy boundaries.

Access the joy in your life.

Clarity on your direction in life.

This is deep work!

This is your moment. This is your time.

It takes courage to stand up and choose to change.

  • To acknowledge the secret shame that keeps you silent and stuck.
  • Be aware of an inner belief that you don’t deserve investment.
  • Realise there’s  part of you that thinks you’re so broken that this course won’t work for me
  • Know that everyone else doesn’t have it together we are all a work in progress

You need to become brave enough to follow your heart and do something important for you.

Truly, the greatest gift you can give  is that of your own transformation.

Do you long to be a strong, happy confident woman?

It’s time to overcome your shame stories!

Release yourself from your cage.

Feel worthy of a wonderful life.

Embrace all that you are; knowing your life story, your journey and claim deeper levels of understanding and wisdom. 

Journey to Joy & Confidence was created to reconnect you to your power, beauty and magnificence.

Join Now and Transform YOUR life

I am inspired by the joy and success of other women.

I trust women who trust themselves.

Know and Trust Yourself on a deeper level than ever before!

Be a woman who walks through life grounded, joyful, confident.


Week 1

·      Coming into circle, creating a safe container for your journey

·      Take your seat in the circle

·      Map of the journey

Week 2

·      Review your life journey

·      Celebrate your strengths

·      Changing your perspective

·      Self-car strategies for life

Week 3

·      Reconnecting with joy

·      Your Child aspect of you

·      What makes you happy

Week 4

·      Consent – yes, no, maybe

·      Reclaiming your power to know your truth

·      Desire

Week 5

·      Do you have boundaries?

·      Understanding boundaries

·      Healthy boundaries

·      Tools for your future

Week 6

·      Trusting yourself

·      Your knowing

·      Connecting with your body

·      Tools for the future

Week 7

·      Connecting with your Creative energy

·      The Mother aspect in you


Week 8

·      Integration

·      Reviewing your life so far

·      Gathering the wisdom

Week 9

·      Connect with who you aspire to be

·      The Wise Woman of your future

·      Get clarity on your path

Week 10

·      Honouring the journey

·      Celebrating your life

·      Being present at the ending

·      Moving into a new phase of your life- rebirth

Your investment

1.5 hours of contact time for 9 weeks 

1.5 hours of time for integration for 1 week

Ongoing integration and practice  each week to embody new habits and lock-in the transformative work.

£432 or 3 payments of £144