Menopause – Grounding, Passion & Power Workshop

Do you dread the menopause?

Do you feel you need to ‘pause’ and work out what the menopause means for you?

Have you given yourself space to acknowledge this transition?

Are you preparing for the best outcome?

Menopause is an opportunity for women to transform into wisewomen. Many women dread menopause. They dread the hot flushes, night sweats, gaining weight, mood swings, hormonal changes, getting old and everything else comes with the menopausal transition. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be this way.

This workshop will not give you medical support, I leave that to the medical professionals. This is designed to support you to develop the foundations of your life.

The bigger the roots, the better the fruits! In the grounding part we will look at home, stillness, health, embodiment and stability.

Next, we look at where you can bring more joy and passion into your life. We are welcoming child-like wonder and joy back into our lives. During the menopausal journey there can be times when your confidence seems to just leave you. This can be very distressing and bewildering. You will gain tools that help you reconnect with your confidence and courage. The world needs your power, your gifts and talents. Finally, we look at how you can share your superpowers.

You will leave with:

  •  Roots – know how to feel secure and connected
  •  Clarity on what you need to let go of so life can flow more simply
  • Know what quality you need to practice to become the woman you want to be
  • Know how to get the vitality back in your life
  • Reclaim your wildness
  • A practice for presence, stepping into your power
  • Tools to develop your confidence

With the right tools, menopause can be the doorway into wisdom, insight and intuition. Menopause is a metamorphosis and can be a wonderful unfolding process into a beautiful butterfly.

Runs on online: 30 July 6-8pm