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Here are a few questions to get you thinking. I’m sure you have lots of wisdom to share…

  • Did you follow routes used by other groups or did you design your own route?
  • Did you remember to take everything you needed?
  • What was your best bit of kit and why?
  • Where’s the best place you’ve visited and why?
  • Is there a trip that you think every woman should do? If so what is it and why?
  • Has travelling given you more self-confidence?


  • Are you happier being away from home than before your trip?
  • What was the worst part of the trip in terms of your own feelings?
  • Give an example of a problem that arose on the trip and how you overcame it.
  • What do you do when the going gets tough?


  • In what ways did you prepare yourself physically for the trip? Would you do anything different in the future?
  • Did you travel solo or with a group? How was the group formed?
  • Was it better to work with people you knew/did not know?
  • What helped to maintain/restore relationships in challenging times?
  • What influenced the decisions about the route, accommodation, equipment and dates?
  • If you made the wrong decision, what happened and what did you learn from the experience?
  • Were you able to find a balance between keeping safe and having an adventure?
  • Did anyone fall ill on the trip? Were you prepared and able to help them?
  • What would you personally do differently on any future trips?


  • Did you discover any hidden abilities during your travels?
  • Did you make new friends or strengthen existing friendships?
  • Did you meet incredible men/women on your travels? What made them exceptional humans?
  • What new skills or abilities have you developed by going on an adventure?
  • Do you feel the skills learnt while travelling will help you in later life? If so, which ones?


  • Was your route plan accurate and how closely did you follow it and your timings?
  • In the light of experience, are there any other preparations you would make for future adventures?
  • What advice would you give a woman setting out on her first independent trip?
  • Use your thoughts to create a ‘Wiscard’ (wisdom postcard) at the Wisdom Tradingpost.

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