Awaken the Creator

The Creator, Maker or Artist is the Archetype that helps us express ourselves in beautiful ways. They foster all imaginative endeavours, from the highest art to the smallest lifestyle or work innovation. The Creator expresses their identity through their creations and in doing so they explore their relationship to the world. A critical part of their quest is finding and accepting themselves.

Pitfalls of the Creator

The shadow side shows itself as obsessive, a need to create and to do this to fill our emptiness. There can be endless essential projects, challenges or new things to do that can manifest in workaholism. This shadow side also manifests as creating messes. Lot of things started and nothing getting completed. The Poor Artist is a stereotype.

Another pitfall is the Prima-donna behaviours. The extreme self-indulgence of the Shadow Side of the Creator can be self-sabotaging. Another pitfall is they can become addicted to their work/creativity.

Benefits of the healthy Creator

The goal of the Creator is clarity on their identity. They are visionaries, creative, imaginative and skilful. The Creator expresses their individuality. They have strong aesthetics, noticing beauty and creating it in their own way. This Archetype can use their self-expression as their vocation.