Wisdom Queens

Quest to Feminine Wholeness

wisdom queens reconnects you with who you are
your sovereign power

"i am here, i am enough"


Feel Stagnant/ Stuck

Grey/ No Energy

Overwhelm – no time for Me


Unhappy/ Self-Loathing

Dread the Future

Unsure of Yourself and your Worth

Frightened of getting Older

Feeling Lonely/ Isolated


Feel Joy/Fun

More Energy



Compassion for Yourself

Know You Thrive in the Future

Prioritise Yourself

Access your Wise Woman




The world feels unfamiliar. Things are changing at such a rate; you may feel off-balance or even fearful of the future.

Is the voice in your head a judgmental bully?

Do you feel empty inside, an inner neglect?

Are you too busy, on the brink of overwhelm?

Do you need time to relax and reconnect with yourself?

Do you want to:

  • Get out of chaos?
  • Get clear
  • Get confident

 If you want to change your life work with me.

Why do I have the map to the answers you seek?

Simply because I have walked this before you. I have been lost, seeking my truth.

I have spent years developing these techniques and sharing them with others. They have profoundly changed women’s lives.

So, I can guide more women to their truth, I have taken my talents online.

But you’re probably wondering…is it going to work for me?

When you say the phrase:

“I am here, I am enough”

If every cell of your body answers yes, this is NOT for you!

THIS IS FOR women committed to stepping into their power, reclaiming their sovereignty.

“If she remembers herself

At her core,

Who she is,

What she needs,

Her visions and her greatest dreams,

Then she has unlimited power.”

Lynette Allen

Wisdom Queens reconnects you with who you are, your sovereign power.


This is the power of a Queen, one who has done work on herself, explored her life and her shadows. She accepts and loves herself deeply.

Her power comes from within not from ruling others. Its also not about 6-figure salaries, her wealth is her core confidence, IT SHINES FROM HER!

The Queen is not a tyrant, she embodies dignity, wisdom and compassion. Don’t mistake her kindness for weakness, or you’ll get your arse-kicked!

Her higher perspective on life allows her to see the bigger picture. She doesn’t get caught up in the petty small stuff.

You are at the right place at the right time. There’s something you need to know…

You can only grow if you have the self-respect and dignity to do so.

You will become intimate with who you are – not what you are!

This journey isn’t for everyone…

It strips back the drama

It shows you the uncomfortable truth so you can grow

You will realise how incredible your life is!

It’s time to take responsibility– that means you need to end your addiction to moaning and playing the victim

 Your inner exploration enables you to be more intimate with yourself. Creativity is the doorway we use to access your inner values, thoughts and beliefs. You will

  • Unlock the wisdom of your life
  • Deepen your relationship to yourself
  • Become intimate with who you are
The intimacy we long for with someone else is the intimacy we crave with ourselves.

This is powerful work, like nothing you have ever done before!

You may have worked on yourself for years

or be new to self-development…

you will be profoundly changed by this course.


how does it work?

Each session builds on the previous one, to deepen your insights. Together as a group of women, we support each other’s personal growth and self-acceptance.

If you don’t feel safe, you can’t go deep. Wisdom Queens is a safe time to be honest and vulnerable with yourself. Each week I hold space and share the tools you need to transform.

If you don’t believe you can change THIS IS NOT FOR YOU! You will sabotage yourself.

Be willing to work, have an open mind and the intention to heal and grow.

Although we do big deep work, we have fun. Bring your sense of humour, smile, cry, laugh and don’t take yourself too seriously!

As a participant, you have access to the Member’s Area 24/7. The online membership site will host information for the sessions each week.

This means you can use what you want when it suits your schedule. If you can’t make a Live Zoom session you can watch the recording through the week.

The community in the Facebook Group is there to support your transformation. I encourage you to share your experiences and get support from the other members. As Wisdom Queens we support each other’s growth and development.

The power is in the live sessions, this is where the magic happens!

In the Zoom Live coaching sessions we come together as group of women who support each other on this inner journey.

The Commitment

To be a member of this group you need to need to agree to these commitments:

  • Total Honesty
  • Absolute Confidentiality
  • Uniqueness & Individuality
  • Phone off & not being disturbed

Total honesty with yourself is vital. When you take off the mask and you’re honest with yourself, you can make huge internal shifts in your awareness. This is the growth your soul is longing for.

Confidentiality means not sharing other people’s stories and their names. What happens in the group stays in the group. This is a safe space for women to come together and be raw and deeply honest with themselves. This rawness only happens if the container is safe. When women share their stories, they enable us to understand ourselves on a deeper level.

We are all unique and this is the wonderful part of being human. Our life experiences create our values and beliefs. You are perfectly you. Being part of Wisdom Queens allows you to explore who you are at your very core. When you step into circle, you need to leave judgement and comparison at the door. There is no place for them in the circle, no judging yourself or others. No saying “it could have been better” because what you did was perfect. Celebrate your uniqueness and celebrate other’s individuality. If you want to pick up judgement and comparison, after the session, they will be at the door.

This is your special time for you. This is your sacred time. Make sure you will not be disturbed. Do not bring your phone into the sacred space, have a digital detox for an hour or more. If you can’t do that, then think about whether this is the right time for you to step into circle. Honour what’s right for you. Information will be in the members area. You can work at a time that suits you in the week.


who is it for?

If you’re a at crossroads in your life and you want to get moving in the right direction you’ve come to the right place. We all need a bit of help and support within our lives sometimes. We need someone that’s walked the route to show us a map of the way. Wisdom Queens support your personal exploration. This isn’t about just getting you back “on track”, you are looking to improve your life, evolve and move to the next level. That means change!

Change may seem scary, but it’s just a process of letting go of what no longer serves you and moving on. You get to drop the baggage that you drag around with you! How good does that sound? You will feel lighter, more positive and confident about yourself and your life.


  • Understand the beliefs running your life
  • What cages have you created
  • Grounding and centering practice
  • How menopause affects us physically and spiritually
  • Celebrate your strengths
  • Techniques for Self-Care
  • How to bring more joy into each day
  • Spring-clean your relationships
  • How to be clear on your boundaries
  • How to replenish your energy
  • Celebrate your achievements
  • Embody your future success
  • Core Confidence in who you are
  • In a community of like-minded incredible women, we all evolve faster
  • When you’re open-minded, incredible things happen


 Weekly Group Coaching Session (Value £297)

 This weekly zoom meeting is the safe space we do our work together. When you are being honest and vulnerable with yourself, it gives other women the permission to do the same and the work is deeper. We will work through the programme, each session builds on the last.


BONUS: Exclusive Members-only Facebook group (Valued £99)

Wisdom Queens can be a hive mind of information, support and inspiration between our sessions. Introduce yourself and as we journey together, I encourage you to share your insights, Aha! Moments and the impact these changes are having on your life. When your perspective changes, everything changes!


BONUS: VIP Strategy Session Rates (members saving £48)

If you feel at any time that you need more support.  Wisdom Queens get a VIP rates on my 1:1 coaching sessions. We can dive in deep and get to the core of the issue and clear it.  These are normally £147, but members get for £99.

Weekly Group Mentoring Session (Value £297)

 BONUS: Exclusive Facebook group (Valued £99)

 BONUS: VIP Strategy Session Rates (Saving £48)


 Price for Wisdom Queens = £276

Saving of £168

If you’ve read the self-help books, listened to the videos on Youtube you may have sorted out your life.

I want you to be able to say:

“I am here, I am enough”

If you haven’t been able to make the changes you want on your own, its time to become part of a supportive women’s group.

You can transform your perspective and you will transform your life.

  Sign up now to this DEVELOPMENT CIRCLE

Registration only opens 3 times a year




Frequently asked questions

I have never been in a Women’s Development Circle. Will this work for me?

Yes! Women are nurturing, empowering and they celebrate each other’s successes. When we meet together, in a group, our commitment to each other amplifies our energy and the work we do together. We learn from each other. You have lots of wisdom from your life that can support the journey of other women. We empower and witness each other’s growth and development.

I have not done anything like this before, what should I expect?

Don’t worry. This is for everyone and you will not be alone. The programme offers a very safe space in which you can get to know more about yourself and the others in the group. You can expect to be guided at every step and offered a range of tools and techniques to help you feel better and look forward to a positive future. You can take everything at your own pace and do as much or as little as you feel comfortable with.

I’ve done lots of self-development work, what makes this different?

We centre and ground before each session and open to access our wisdom centres. This work connects you to your heart. You will be connecting to the distinct aspects of your life – your little girl/Maid, Mother/ Woman and your Wise Woman. This is not just a mental journey it is an energetic journey to feminine wholeness. This is your opportunity to transform.

What is Feminine Wholeness?
Feminine wholeness is a wonderful sense of being. It is what you feel when you feel truly connected to your own body, mind and spirit as well as the world around you.

Will I be expected to share personal information and experiences with the other members of the group?

No. There is no requirement for you to share anything with the others in the group. The development circle is a safe and supportive space which is designed to help you discover more about yourself. If you want to share any thoughts, feelings or observations please do so as they may help others in the group. I want everyone to feel comfortable and relaxed.

Is the programme only suitable for people in midlife?

There is no age restriction to being a member of the group and all are welcome. However, as a younger woman you probably won’t identify as closely with some of the feelings that tend to be experienced in midlife. If you feel that you would benefit from the programme, please give me a call and we can have a chat to make sure the programme is right for you.

I am not very good with technology will this stop be taking part?

All the online sessions will be held via Zoom. You will be sent a link via email in advance with instructions. There is nothing to worry about. All you will need to do once you have downloaded Zoom onto your computer is to click a link in the email. 

I find online meetings tiring, will I have to look at the screen for an hour?

No. Each session lasts an hour but within that time you will be undertaking a variety of tasks such as making notes or creating a collage, so you don’t have to focus on the screen for long periods of time.

What happens if I miss a session?

All the dates for the sessions are published in advance and I encourage you to put these in your diary so that you can attend each session. If you do miss one. I will send you a video outlining what was covered in the session.

How long do I get access to the members area and course?

You have lifetime access to the membership area. When I run the course again, you are welcome to join. Each time you will learn something new about yourself.

Any other questions?

email me info@explorediscover.me


I would highly recommend Wisdom Queens with Sarah! The course has been fun and exciting, the things I have learned are very useful and empowering for me. We learned so much in just a few sessions. Hearing the input from the other participants really fills out the information provided by Sarah and my own insights. Using (for us participants) relatively simple methods we have gained access to (more of) what we actually think about our lives, past present and future. Very exciting to feel how it was to be a child again and realize how much that child has helped me communicate with my children. I am sleeping better now. Cutting emotional cords, a great way to let go of difficult situations or relationships. I loved the combination of creating and connecting with my deeper self. The questions have given me loads of “new” knowledge of myself. I have learnt that I am moving towards a more confident and quieter (in spirit) me. My “me” has told me to trust more and be sure that I can be at peace with whatever happens in my future. I have been reminded that my child was happy as she was growing up, solid in who she was, and that I will again feel that confidence to be me again.
I found myself at a point in my life where I was feeling ready to be thrown away. I have a medical condition which meant I couldn’t take life at the pace it is presented to you. Home life was good but strained due to financial difficulties. I had friends and enjoyed their company. Even though I felt I had close relationships around me, My feeling of being ready to be thrown away never got the airing it needed. Either because I was too embarrassed to discuss it or the advice given was, ‘but you’re not’. This course has allowed me to spend time thinking about what it means to be me. I’ve realised that I was measuring myself against the parameters that weren’t set by me. I finally found the ability to let go and say, no thank you. I was feeling like a failure because I kept looking at how I couldn't keep up. I stopped looking at it that way and found what I want for me. I am now more able to get everyone else to wait for me. I am happy to say, ‘give me a minute’, and take as long as I need. I am proud to say, ‘I disagree’ at work and agree for myself how I’m going to tackle the job. If it doesn’t work, I’ll change it. I no longer feel a failure. I know what it means to be me. I felt confident about applying for a job that I had been rejected for the year before. As I write, I don’t know the outcome of the interview. Whatever happens I will go on and build the life that works for me. The benefit of this journey is I am also a better mother. Less judgmental, More relaxed. And so I find that the relationship with my two sons is better too. This course has enabled me to find the bits that are not working and throw them away! It is incredible how quickly the mind set changes. It is a journey that might feel unusual - one session asked us to ‘be creative’ when it’s not something I would spend time doing. But giving it a go has opened up new things in my life that I find I enjoy. It’s worth it. I feel alive and ready for my next adventure.
I felt continuously securely ‘held’ by Sarah and guided by her towards greater self-care and wisdom. The course takes you through three stages of ‘dialogue’ with aspects of your inner world revealing the universe of the self. The art sessions were quiet and rich and full of trust and warmth. Despite the sessions taking place using Zoom technology, there was a deep sense of connectedness which is pretty impressive on Sarah’s part. I learned the value of giving myself time to create and timetabling that into my life as a matter of importance and enjoyment. I went through an enormous shift with my relationship with work, realising that a strong sense of inadequacy and anxiety runs through my daily work experience and I can change this and develop a more deserving confident approach. I was able to detect negative points of view about women around 50 which pervade our culture and which can be challenged. This was a powerful process. Bonding with other women was, as ever, deeply enjoyable and educational. Being in that compassionate space gave me insight into more compassionate living and thinking (focus on other women not only self), openness to change and connection to a lightness of spirit. It also provided a strong sense of being a grown up and having a future as a grown up and respecting that here and now - awakening the child inside but not the fears and insecurities that come as baggage from our childhoods. I am grateful to Sarah and to myself for choosing to take up this quest.