the root cause ...
is distrusting women

Why is there a Sister Wound?

The Sister Wound is old, it is in your DNA. Hundreds of years of persecution have resulted in you being suspicious of others and it has kept women small and hidden. If you want to know more about the back story, ready my blog about The Burning Times

Now is the time to step side by side with your sisters to create a better future. Let’s work together in this course to release the wounds of the past. The fear of other women, betrayal, guilt, keeping each other small and following the social norms. It’s time to dream of a better future and work with other amazing women to create it.

Learn more about the Sister Wound

Let’s heal the Sister Wound!

Autumn programme – Thursdays 7 – 8pm on zoom

9th November: Session 1

The Background -Learning what happened and why it happened.

16th November: Session 2

The Burning Times – We explore how the beliefs we hold were formed.

23rd November: Session 3

The Sister Wound – How we keep ourselves and other women small.

30th November: Session 4

I heal the Sister Wound – Be the change you want to see.

Join this powerful, transformative series of workshops.

£45 for the Workshop Series

(Accessible price to enable these powerful workshops to catalyse social conscious transformation in society)


The Creator
The Caregiver
The Sovereign
The Lover
The Sage
The Innocent

How do you access the qualities you need to make a difference in your life?

The good news is you can access these energies and bring the qualities into your life.

We need to integrate all the aspects of being human. Being good at being human, means having the correct inner tools for the correct situation, an ability to access all aspects of ourselves.

One of the effective ways of doing this is using the Archetypes. 

I invite you on a journey to Awaken the Archetypes.

empowerlife: A journey of Conscious Choices