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Archetypes are universally known repeated patterns of human experience. These themes are known to all of us. The word Archetype in origin mean symbolic pattern.

By exploring the archetypes, we open ourselves up to being more of ourselves. Think of yourself as a big mansion house. Behind the door of each room is a wonderful gift you can bring to the world.  We are taught how to act, we learn how to fit in and be acceptable. This process of socialisation happens to us as children. In your life you have unconsciously closed off doors to your many gifts. Now the corridors may be covered in cobwebs as you have accessed them.

You are stuck! Why can’t you move forward and do what you want in your life?

You are trying to do everything with only half the toolkit!  You’re having to using a hammer when you need a spanner. A hammer is fine, but you need other tools for different jobs.

How do you access the qualities you need to make a difference in your life?

The good news is you can access these energies and bring the qualities into your life.

Read about each Archetype and notice whether it is something available to you in your life. If you want to transform your life, these workshops can guide you to your gifts.  

Engaging the Archetypes on a path to transformation

“awaken the lover”

Explore the archetypal significance of The Lover in your life. Do you struggle to complete things/stick at things long-term? You need to activate desire in your life. Learn how to soften and open to a love-filled life. Reclaim your vitality, sensuality, passion and faithfulness

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“awaken the warrior”

The Warrior wants to feel the elation from mastery, the sense of a job well done! This workshop will help you if you are risk averse and struggle to complete tasks. You need to activate strength and break out of your comfort zone. whether in business, an entrepreneur or for social change. The Warrior is connected to her heart, higher truth and knowledge, combined with the courage to act, protect, stand up for this truth.

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“awaken the destroyer”

How are you at endings? Do you avoid them? Does that mean you won’t start things as you fear the ending? Do you hold yourself back from the richness of life? The Destroyer Archetype gifts you liberation.  Reclaim your bravery.  The gifts are leadership, risk-taking and progressive.

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“awaken the explorer”

On this journey we delve into the Explorer Archetype and her goal of authenticity. The Explorer leaves the known to discover and explore the unknown. This archetype helps us discover our uniqueness, our perspectives and our callings. Explorers are looking for something that will improve their life in some way, but they may overlook that they already have much inside themselves. The gifts of the Explorer are independencebraverynonconformity and self-sufficiency. This journey will support you to enrich your life with these gifts.

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“awaken the creator”

On this journey we delve into the Creator Archetype and her goal of innovation. Creativity is creation of new connections. The Creator Archetype fosters all imaginative endeavours, from the highest to the smallest innovation in lifestyle or work. The challenge is ensuring you do not overload yourself with new projects but allow yourself to express yourself in beautiful ways. The gifts of the creator are creativity, imagination, nonlinear and nonconformity. This journey will support you to enrich your life with these gifts.

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“awaken the entertainer”

On this journey we delve into the Entertainer Archetype and her goal of ​enjoyment.  The  Entertainer invites us all to play, showing us how to turn our work, our interactions with others and even the most mundane tasks into fun. We will navigate and neutralise the pitfalls of laziness and dissipation. This is a wise goal, to just enjoy life as it is with all its paradoxes and dilemmas. The gifts of the Entertainer are ​humour​, ​originality​, ​irreverence​, awareness. This journey will support you to enrich your life with these gifts.

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“awaken the innocent”

On this journey we delve into the Innocent Archetype and her goal of happiness.  The Innocent Archetype embodies sincerity and is always truthful. They inspire people to do good. If you need to start a new project, you need to access the faith and trust of the Innocent to get you started. We will examine the pitfalls of this Archetype which are denial and also becoming dependent on others to fulfil their tasks. The Innocent’s gifts are sense of wondertrustfaith and optimism. This journey will support you to enrich your life with these gifts.

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“awaken the friend”

On this journey we delve into the Friend Archetype and her goal of belongingThey crave creating and forging connections with people. ​They work hard and live a simple life. They are democratic but not necessarily political, they believe in fairness and respect. They enjoy being part of a group and do not like the elite. This archetype helps us be accepting of people, by being friendly, understanding and inviting. We will dive deep and examine the pitfalls which are cynicism, the tendency to be the victim and chronic complaining and release these patterns. The Friend’s gifts are respectrealismfairness and altruism

9.30am – 1.30pm 20th August Book Now

“awaken the caregiver”

On this journey we delve into the Caregiver Archetype and her goal to help others. The Caregiver is an altruist moved by compassion, generosity and selflessness to help others. This archetype helps us raise our children, build structures to sustain health and life. We will dive deep and examine the pitfalls which are the suffering martyr and controlling others by making them feel guilty. “Look at all I sacrificed for you!”  We become aware of the potential for codependency patterns. The Caregiver’s gifts are empathycompassionpatience and generosity

2-3pm 21st – 23rd September Book Now

“awaken the magician”

On this journey we delve into the Magician Archetype and her goal of transformation. This archetype searches to understand how to transform situationsinfluence people and make visions into realities. A Magician can manifest something from nothing. They have significant personal power and can be a catalyst for healing and transformation . We will dive deep and examine the pitfalls which are manipulating others, a disconnection from reality and belittling ourselves or another, resulting in diminished self-esteem and release these patterns. The Magician’s gifts are highly evolved,  intuitioncharisma and cleverness

2-3pm 26th – 28th October Book Now

“awaken the sovereign”

On this journey we delve into the Sovereign Archetype and her goal of order and structure and hence an effective society. This is not an easy task s chaos and order aren’t far apart and the Sovereign needs to commit herself fully to the task. She inspires us to take full responsibility for our lives, in our fields of endeavour and in society at large. The We will dive deep and examine the pitfalls which are tyranny, controlling behaviours, rigidity, elitism and an attitude of entitlement and release these patterns. The Sovereign’s gifts are confidencepowerresponsibility, system savvy and control

2-3pm 23rd -25th November Book Now

“awaken the sage”

The Sage Archetype seeks the truths that will set us free. This Archetype can help us see the world and ourselves objectively, and to course-correct based in this data. Her gifts are skepticism and nonattachment. She is a seeker after truth and enlightenment and journey’s far in search of next golden nugget of knowledge. We will dive deep and examine the pitfalls which are the unfeeling judge, being over critical and impracticality and release these patterns. The Sage’s gifts are understandingintelligencetruth seeking, clarity and wisdom

9.30 – 1.30pm  17th December Book Now

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"I chose the ‘Know YOUR Way’ workshop because I felt overwhelmed and was struggling to find focus and meaning. Although I felt I didn’t have time to do the course I knew it was important to make the time. Sarah was great, down to earth and easy to talk to. She helped me reflect and to recognise my self sabotaging behaviour and fears that were holding me back. I left the course with new insights and having created a clear step by step action plan of how I am going to make my dreams a reality, with short-term and long-term goals. After finishing this course I fulfilled one of my dreams and organised an amazing family trip, travelling round Cost Rica. Before the course it felt impossible. Invest in your future happiness. I would recommend this course if you are feeling lost and need clarity and guidance on how to make profound positive changes in your life."
Jen Todman
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