Unlock Life’s Treasures

Had enough of being a caterpillar? Is it time to evolve into a butterfly?

Are you seeking knowledge and tools for transformation?

Do you want to unlock life’s treasures: embodiment, fulfillment, joy, intimacy, pleasure, awe, connection and gratitude?

If you’re a at crossroads in your life and you want to get moving in the right direction you’ve come to the right place. We all need a bit of help and support within our lives sometimes. We need someone that’s walked the route to show us the map of the way. Unlock Life’s Treasures Membership Site, has resources to support your personal development. This isn’t about just getting you back “on track”, you are looking to improve your life, evolve and move to the next level. That means change!

Change may seem scary, but it’s just a process of letting go of what no longer serves you and moving on. You get to drop the baggage that you drag around with you! How good does that sound? You will feel lighter and more positive about yourself and your life.

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The backbone of the program is built upon the 7 Dynamic Aspects of Personal Evolution. Progression through all these aspects will enable your unique expression to blossom.

  • GROUNDING: stillness, home, embodiment, health, stability, freedom, wealth
  • PASSION: Vocation, vitality, creativity, wildness, exuberance
  • POWER: Strength, confidence, magnetism, courage, presence, leadership
  • LOVE: Relationships, intimacy, openness, philanthropy, sensitivity
  • COMMUNICATION: Honesty, authenticity, emotional intelligence, delegation
  • VISION: Goals, imagination, intuition, decisiveness, aspiration,
  • ILLUMINATION: inspiration/guidance, purpose, spiritual connection


Are you thinking of jumping on board?

This is a journey of transformation and it helps to have a community with you as you journey. People who understand, your need to change and develop into a better version of yourself, taking the lessons from your life and weaving them into a new creation. I am here to guide you to your truth and joy.

Firstly we work on the roots, the bigger the roots, the better the fruits.


You will have access to the Unlock Life’s Treasures Membership Site. Here you will be able to access to the new resource and link to the Zoom Room for the online meeting. Each month we work with an aspect we want to evolve. The SECOND THURSDAY of the month 10am -12 (London) we gather for the online Coaching and Training workshop. The work continues in the Facebook Group.

As a member, you can dip in and use what you want. The community in the Facebook is there to support your transformation each month. I encourage you to share your experiences and get support from the other members in the Facebook group. Your Unlock Life’s Treasures Tribe are here for you!

Join the Tribe

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