Guiding Women to Whole-Hearted Living & Freeedom

I am committed to supporting women who want to transform!

Women who want to

surround themselves with WOMEN

who EMPOWER them,

so they can be their PURPOSE

and a live a life they LOVE.


Not everyone wants change,

but some of us hear a better life calling us

encouraging us to move from our stagnation.

“PEOPLE-PLEASING There is a huge cost to your soul: no dignity, no honesty, no opinions and thoughts of your own, and no you, are just some of the costs.” Dr. Anne Brown

Do you feel trapped in an unfulfilling life?

Do you know there’s something you should be doing with your life… but you don’t know what?

How do you feel about yourself… frustrated, angry, dissatisfied?

Do you love or loath yourself?

Up to now, you feel like you’ve been trying on other people’s clothes, not your own.

Do you wonder…

How will I ever find my truth and joy?

How can I connect with my life purpose?

How can I release myself from making the same mistakes again and again?

How can I create a fulfilling life that nourishes me from the inside out?

Happiness is not something you postpone for the future; It is something you design for the present.

You may have read self-help books

Been to yoga classes

Listened to mindfulness meditations

You try… but you haven’t found the key… that unlocks your Truth.

You know you can change…. YOU WANT TO CHANGE SO MUCH

But it’s not easy

Finding your way back to yourself isn’t easy.


or find the quality support we need when we need it most?

Bits can be done alone, but we need help to transform.

Someone else must hold the mirror, give us an unfamiliar perspective so we can see ourselves.

You know you need support to go deep inside and change yourself from the inside-out

…but when you try to talk to family and friends they don’t understand.

Here’s the good news

You are here for a reason

Now… It’s time to value yourself

My journey has taught me a valuable lesson.

When we crave more out of life,

we are really craving more out of ourselves.

  • More joy
  • More abundance
  • More freedom
  • More success
  • More vitality
  • More intimacy
  • To Live our Truth

You are in the right place at the perfect time.

I will help you to unlock the treasures of your life.

Fun and enjoyment help us heal.

Self-exploration doesn’t have to be hard work,

but with persistence and openness

we are lead to truth,

gratitude and profound happiness.


This journey will let you to connect with your inner power which enables you to realise your dreams.

It starts with uncovering the parts of you that you forgot,

connecting with your truth

and embodying your aspiration.

Discover a whole new way of being in the world.

You will be astounded by the magnificence of your life and your gifts as a woman.

Take the next step…and join me… one to one coaching or in a group of supportive women.

How Can I Help

I’m Sarah and I can help you find your freedom, find your purpose. You can transform your life – however stuck you feel right now.

I guide you on an inner adventure which transforms lives. I enable you to align with your core purpose, release your fears, whatever is holding you back and pursue a vibrant and joyful life.

Your life is calling for you to step in to your full power.


Women who are committed to transforming their lives. 

I understand your need for joy, confidence and wisdom. I love to work with women curious about self-discovery and determined to connect to their inner compass and claim real freedom.

You want to make changes now. Work with me and let your magnificence shine!


Join a community of like-minded women, and work through your transformation together. Garner support, resources and coaching to achieve your goals; make connections for life.

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One To ONE

Working one-to-one we can get deeply personal, tackling the blocks and fears that hold you back. Both coaching and energy work will help you strip away the stories that keep you small.

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This group is like no other: combining coaching, creativity and personal development. You will be able to transform more elegantly, bringing more balance for good, as well as meeting other inspiring women!

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client testimonials

“I went to see Sarah, partly out of curiosity and partly because my life was just feeling ‘flat’. I knew I needed to do something to improve my day to day existence but couldn’t motivate myself to do the things I thought would help. I hadn’t expected to visit past events that were weighing me down and certainly didn’t expect to clear them away and get my buzz back. Now I am revitalised, positive and excited about what is to come and I would recommend this experience to everyone.”
Mrs KL
"I chose the ‘Know YOUR Way’ course because I felt overwhelmed and was struggling to find focus. Sarah was great, down to earth and easy to talk to. I left the course with new insights and having created a clear step by step action plan of how I am going to make my dreams a reality, with short-term and long-term goals. After finishing this course I fulfilled one of my dreams and organised an amazing family trip, travelling round Costa Rica. Before the course, it felt impossible."
Jen Todman

The workshop with Sarah was extremely beneficial. I was actually amazed how deep I could go in terms of feeling into and processing issues that came up for me around the topic, given the fact that the workshop was conducted online. Being online did not take away from the deep learning and insights I gained. Sarah created a safe container and skillfully took us through a beautiful and powerful meditation that enabled me to connect and go deep within. I would happily do the workshop again and highly recommend it.

Justine Shaskolsky