Home Alignment

Walls tell a story. As we hold memory in our bodies, so does our home hold memories in its ‘body’.

  • Access the imbalances and blockages in your personal space and your relationship with it.
  • When the flow of energy within that space becomes blocked, it is often reflected in our personal lives.
  • Address these imbalances and correct the flow of energy, creating harmony and wellbeing.

Home Alignment is a comprehensive system for rebalancing your home, work, school or plot of land to harmonise the energy dynamics of the space and improve the health and well-being of its occupants.

Using diagnostic tools of dowsing and muscle testing, Home Alignment identifies and treats the specific energetic aspects that are affecting you and your space.

These include:


Geographic stress, underground water, planetary energy grids, burial sites


Electromagnetic radiation from wi-fi, telecommunication transmitters, high tension wires, computers, electrical appliances



Negative family patterns, thought forms


Feng shui, topography, landscape

Creating a balanced, peaceful and attractive environment in which to live and work not only has a positive effect on our health and relationships, but it also enhances the value of a property when ready to be sold.

Your investment

Time – this process takes 3 hours of preparation with the site plans and at least 4 hours of contact time, possibly more depending on the complexity of the space.

Resource – The initial preparation and 2 hour meeting costs £350. Further sessions are charged at £70 per hour.

Within the process you will learn which vortex cards will improve the energetics of your space and how you can  purchase them.

If you have specific questions or you want to find out more, contact me for a 20 minute exploratory chat.