Life Alignment

Life alignment identifies the answer… that is only in you!

In a Life Alignment session, Sarah helps you connect to a cellular memory, to process, shift and release negative beliefs and painful feelings.

It is  a very accurate system that clearly identifies where stress is stored and is blocking your energy flow.

Using body-mind connection tools such as muscle testing (applied kinesiology), energy points and vortex cards, enables us to release energetically old trauma, fears, anger and grief, leaving you feeling more confident and aligned with your true Self.

Every step is done through guidance by connecting to Higher Consciousness.

Your Higher Consciousness knows which memories are in which of your trillions of cells. It goes beyond mental concepts and reconnects us to our divine intelligence and healing capacity.

past challenges, current insights, future possibilities

Challenges of clients :

  • Stuck in the same old patterns
  • Ill health/ health challenges
  • Want to release limiting beliefs
  • Want more energy
  • Want to improve relationships
  • Clarity on life purpose
  • Want to improve home environment
  • Want to improve business

It helps us to answer the question “How can I use my gifts and talents, so that I can better serve both myself and the world?”

A Life Alignment session can be done online and offline. As energy is all there is, a physical presence is not necessary, but possible.

What are the benefits?

Energy Therapy is subtle and profound.

Transformation is the accumulation of your desire and determination to change. This process occurs one breakthrough at a time.

Your past does not define you! By releasing the unresolved emotions, you release the power of the past over you.

You choose your future! New opportunities become available to you, things you couldn’t see before… life seems more spacious and you feel supported.              

How will I feel afterwards?

People have different reactions. Some feel energised, expansion and more capable but there may be some detoxification symptoms, so it is important to drink plenty of water. I suggest you don’t schedule anything ambitious immediately after the session, so you can be kind to yourself, relax and integrate your new frequency.

How much does it cost?

Introductory energy balance costs £35 for 30 minutes

An hour session costs just £85. This includes the consultation, the energy therapy session and a bespoke support work programme for you to follow.

4 sessions costs £300 – where you peel back years of beliefs and open to new ways of being in the world. Each balance builds on the past one, lifting your energy and enhancing your understanding of your life journey.

Life Path is a tool, which supports you to identify  and release internal blocks in your life journey. In the process you will connect to and increase your support network. The Life Path will take 3 sessions and costs £240. This will fast track your journey to your desired goal.

If we decide to work together, the fee needs to be paid in full before the session. This shows your commitment to the process and your choice to change. You will be sent a link to book a session time through the online calendar.