Energy Healing

Things not quite right? 

I can help you get to the source of the issue in a Transformational Healing session.

Quantum physics shows that everything is made of energy.  As we look beyond the tiniest measurable aspects of our physical universe, from atoms, to electrons to sub atomic particles, you find that everything is made of energy. We are made of energy.

We know we can sense things; whether people are being open and honest or closed and cut off. People can connect with each other’s energy. I can connect to people with their permission. As an Energy Healer, I guide people using this connection to find the source of their problem and deal with it on a deep level. If people want transformation in their lives, profound changes are possible.

If you want to work with me complete the complimentary discovery call application form. I would like to get to know you and understand the challenges you’re facing and what you want to change. We need to decide whether we are a good fit to work together. It is crucial that you, the client, have complete trust and feel completely committed to the process of changing your life.



Where are you based?
Holgate in York. There is street parking nearby. I work via Skype or one to one in York for an Energy Therapy session.

How long does a treatment last?
First treatment lasts approximately 1½ hours, following treatments are 1½ hours.

How does it work?

We discuss what’s going on in your life now and get clarity on the focus for the session.

You lie down on the therapy bed fully clothed and relax. (What’s not to like about having a lie down for an hour? You get to relax for an hour which in itself is a great boon in today’s hectic lives.)  If we are working over skype, sit comfortably with your back supported and upright.

We work on the issue. Some emotions many surface, that’s perfectly normal. They don’t last long. This process allows you to change, it is completely natural and very empowering.

I can let you know what activities you can do, to help sustain and support your new way of thinking and being.

Who is this for?
Energy Therapy can help anyone if they want to change.

There is a connection between your mind and body. Any example of this is, if you are worrying about going in to an interview, your stomach turns, and you feel “sick with worry”. All thoughts, emotions and experiences also affect your body. They can accumulate in your body. If your thinking is negative, it will feel heavy and you will feel drained of energy. You may have a physical ailment as a result.

Some issues clear up straight away, others need more than one session as they can have many strands, such as family and cultural beliefs that you have inherited. You need to leave behind everything that doesn’t enable you to be your best.

Why would you want to carry/drag a whole belief system that says you aren’t worthy or capable, you are unlovable, stupid or all the other nasty things that bounce around in your head? That’s a huge weight of negativity that is slowing you down from being Magnificent. Do you think you can be your best with that lot? Is it helping you move forward of is it keeping you stuck?

Does it make you happy? If not, what do you choose to do about it?

Energy Therapy enables you to identify and release these limiting thoughts, so you can create a wonderful new life.

You can choose to be more and do more than you ever have.
If that is what you want, then click below to receive the Complimentary Discovery Call Application

What are the benefits?
Energy Therapy is subtle and profound.

Transformation is the accumulation of your desire and determination to change. This process occurs one breakthrough at a time.

How will I feel afterwards?
People have different reactions. Some feel energised, but there may be some detoxification symptoms, so it is important to drink plenty of water. I suggest you don’t to schedule anything ambitious immediately after the session, so you can be kind to yourself and relax.

How much does it cost?
An hour and a half session costs just £85. This includes the consultation, the energy therapy session and a bespoke support work programme for you to follow.

You need to complete the Complimentary Discovery Call Application and return it. We can schedule a call. I will be able to let you know if Energy Therapy is the best way for you to get the results you want.

If we decide to work together, the fee needs to be paid in full before the session. This shows your commitment to the process and your choice to change. You will be sent a link to book a session time through the online calendar.


Click here to book a FREE 20 minute phone call with Sarah to help decide which course is best suited to you.


“I went to see Sarah, partly out of curiosity and partly because my life was just feeling ‘flat’.  I knew I needed to do something to improve my day to day existence but couldn’t motivate myself to do the things I thought would help.  I hadn’t expected to visit past events that were weighing me down and certainly didn’t expect to clear them away and get my buzz back. Now I am revitalised, positive and excited about what is to come and I would recommend this experience to everyone.”
Mrs KL
“Sarah provided me with a new perspective in which to explore my personality and how it has been shaped over the years.  She has a great deal of enthusiasm to share in her treatments and I always came away feeling listened to and supported.  Our time together was fun and at times an exhilarating adventure.  I would recommend her to friends and colleagues looking to expand their own understanding of themselves and that of energy healing.”
Miss JB