Independent Travelers naturally support and encourage each other. They are wonderful teachers, because they share their experiences good and bad on the road and enable each other to flourish.

It’s a step by step process getting from where you are, to where you want to be. Personal development allows you to change your thinking. You no longer think or act as you did, so you create a future full of new possibilities. You can make your dreams come true. I have created self-development courses  to help you break out of restrictive thoughts and create the life you love.

woman in red dress standing on gray road
Adventure is a catalyst for personal transformation. Self-development and travel go hand in hand together. You will find inspiration for future journeys here and guidance on how to plan your trip.

The Wisdom Tradingpost is the place, if you want inspiration from women travellers of the world. Whether you want to travel and volunteer or just go on an adventure, read what inspiring women have done. Add a photo and write your own Wiscard (wisdom postcard), sharing your experiences, learning and travel stories.

I hope you will share your insights and inspire the next generation of independent travellers. Tell your stories of fabulous adventures great and small. This knowledge may be all that others need to step off the beaten track and have the journey of a life time.

Follow your dreams
Live your passion
Tell your story