Awaken the Magician Archetype

The Magician Archetype is associated with mystery, alchemy and transformation. Magician Archetypes are visionaries, thinkers and creators of sacred space. They are the carriers of secret knowledge. The Magician can also be called the Visionary, Shaman, Healer or Medicine Woman.

They are naturally curious and know how to harness technology to their advantage. They understand the spiritual world and can explain it in simple terms. They know how to learn from their mistakes and grow. The gifts of the Magician Archetype are personal power, catalytic, healing powers and transformative.

The shadow side of the Magician

The shadow side of the Magician is using their powers to manipulate others and making ourselves and others ill through negative thoughts and actions. They may be disconnected with reality or become a cultist guru.

We engage in evil sorcery any time we belittle ourselves or another. Also when we diminished self-esteem by lessen options and possibilities.

do need to make your dreams a reality?

The Magician’s quest is not to do magic, but to transform someone or something in some way. They have the ability to manifest something from nothing. Magician Archetype energy is intellectual with a strong sense of intuition. They provide protection and guidance. They are charismatic, the mentor with the supernatural powers. Believing anything is possible, they teach others their belief.

If you want your dreams to come true you need to work with the Magician Archetype. Join these workshops to enable you to bring inspiration into physical form. Everyone can access to the Magician Archetype. Sign up now. In these workshops I will guide you to access this transformational energy for your life.

Awaken the Caregiver Archetype

The Caregiver Archetype may sound familiar, but have you delved into what qualities the Archetype really offers? The Caregiver is altruistic, generous and compassionate. Their gifts are nurturance, empathy and fostering community. The Caregiver’s goal is to help others.

The shadow side of the Caregiver

However, there is a shadow side to the Caregiver. They can be the suffering martyr who controls others by making then feel guilty. “Look what I sacrificed for you!” They can be manipulative and use care to control others. It is also found in codependence and a compulsive need to rescue others.

The shadow side can also be the ‘enabler’ which describes someone whose behaviour allows a loved one to continue self-destructive patterns of behaviour. Many people who enable others don’t do so intentionally. Maybe they excuse troubling behaviour, lend money or assist in other ways. Enabling doesn’t help as it can be difficult for someone to get help if they don’t see the full consequences of their behaviour.

Why do I need healthy Caregiver energy?

The Caregiver energy is a crucial part of ourselves and our community. It helps us raise our children, provide for those in need and to build structures that support our vitality. The Caregiver gives themselves freely, but it’s important that this compassionate expression has strong boundaries. We need to be the Caregiver to ourselves first, as we can’t give from an empty cup.

If you want to explore the Caregiver Archetype and open yourself more fully to compassion, patience, generosity, nuturance, community and empathy and dissolve issues of the shadow side, join my workshops:  Caregiver Archetype

Awaken your Friend Archetype

We all want to belong to something larger

Do you want to be more accepting of other people? Do you crave creating and forging connections with people? Do you need resilience to survive the space you are in?  The Friend Archetype is the energy that you need to reconnect to enjoy being part of a group.

You can access all the different Archetype energies. Some may be more available than others depending on your life experience. The art is to be able to access what you need when you need it. If you’re at a point where you want to be part of a group, team or something bigger, the Friend Archetype is the energy you need to feel belonging and commit fully!

treat people the way you want to be treated

This down to earth and unpretentious archetype understands that everyone matters, just as they are. The Friend expects little from life but teaches with empathy, realism and is streetwise. Their goal is to feel a sense of belonging.

Why do I need healthy Friend Energy in my life?

The shadow side of the Friend Archetype is the Victim, who blames her in competence and irresponsibility on others and expects special treatment from life because she feels so victimised or fragile. When the shadow side is in control of her life, she will attack those trying to help her, harming others and herself simultaneously. Otherwise, she may collapse and become dysfunctional as she feels incompetent and is a chronic complainer. The pitfall is cynicism which is a negative and draining thought behaviour.

Why do I need Friend Energy?

The Friend Archetype can support you in your search for a sense of belonging.

“ True belonging:

Be vulnerable. Get uncomfortable. Be present with people without sacrificing who you are.” Brené Brown

Do you want to feel you belong rather than just fitting in? Do you need the energy to work hard and get things done? Would you like to connect to more enjoyment in your life?

The strength of The Friend is their interdependence and pragmatic realism. If you need to create something, being able to connect with others and work with them to create it, is a huge help. The Friend Archetype is resilient, they don’t give up at the first challenge. If you want to be able to bounce back join my Friend Archetype workshop.

The life experience of The Friend means they understand challenges and they are able to empathise with others. This is a superpower and makes them valuable friends and team members. The Friend’s gifts are stewardship, altruism, fairness and respect. They are a key member in any project.

“You are imperfect. You are wired for struggle. You are worthy of love and belonging.” Brené Brown

Awaken your Innocent Archetype

“It’s never too late to have a happy childhood.” Richard Bandler

Are you struggling to start new projects? If you’ve had setbacks in the past, these may be upmost in your mind. Is your inner voice telling you that you’ll fail? Does the thought of starting something new feel futile? The Innocent Archetype is the energy that you need to reconnect to the optimist within you.

You can access all the different Archetype energies. Some may be more available than others depending on your life experience. The art is to be able to access what you need when you need it. If you’re at a point where you want start something new, the Innocent Archetype is the energy you need to get going!

Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement

The Innocent Archetype is the trusting spontaneous child that while a bit dependent, has the optimism to take the journey. Anyone starting a new venture needs the gifts of the Innocent to get them started – optimism, hope, faith and trust. Without the Innocent, we’d never leave the harbour.

Why do I need healthy Innocent Energy in my life?

The Innocent fears abandonment and seeks safety. They can become dependent on others to fulfil their heroic task. The shadow side of the Innocent is evident in their capacity for denial. They don’t let themselves know what’s going on. They may be hurting themselves and others and they will not let themselves acknowledge it. They may be hurt, but they repress that knowledge as well.

There may be naivete. They may believe what others say even though it is counter to their own inner knowing. This leads to consumerism and sugar addiction. The shadow side of the Innocent is also needs to be cheerful all the time, in a way that denies experiencing other emotions. Cheerfulness is a mask.

Why do I need Innocent Energy?

The Innocent Archetype can support you in your search for happiness. They bring a sense of wonder and appreciate the simple life.

Do you want to feel optimistic about your future? Do you require faith in your abilities? Do you have projects that you want to start?

When the Innocent thrives in us, we believe in possibilities and happy endings. This state of innocence allows us to access new inspiration and start new projects. They bring the gifts of faith, hope, optimism, honesty and trust. If you want to connect with the spontaneous trusting child in you that has the optimism to take the journey, join my Innocent Archetype workshop. This archetype’s greatest strengths are trust and optimism that endears them to others. People will believe their honest optimism, help and support the endeavour.

“Optimism is not just a mindset, it’s a behaviour.” Larry Elder

The Innocent values the simple life and finds happiness and magic in the everyday.

Awaken the Entertainer Archetype

Do you need to step forward and share your perspective?

Have you got something important to share? You need to access your Entertainer energy

The Entertainer’s goal is to have fun and brig light to the situation. This archetype also called the jester or fool maty seem synonymous with comedy and humour. The key aspect of this archetype is their ability to see things differently. Perspective is their true skill.

The Entertainer is entertaining, but what they really brig is ideas, innovation and the ability to reframe concepts as no one can. The successful Entertainer can take a serious subject and make light of it in a way that’s comfortable for others.

The Shadow Side of the Entertainer

The Entertainer fears boredom. At their worst they are irresponsible, cruel and frivolous. The shadow side is the glutton, sloth or lecher, defined by urges of the body without any sense of dignity or self-control

The Healthy Entertainer

The Entertainer wants to live joyfully and in the present. They can have fun with intelligence. Life should be lived to the fullest each moment. Enjoy life just as it is, with all the paradoxes and dilemmas.

The Entertainer lives without restraint and shines with unrelenting confidence. They can lighten awkward silences and serious situations. This archetype is not afraid to stand out and may even bend the rules if it will help them reach their goal! The gifts are carefree, joyful, original, enjoyment and irreverence. The Entertainer Archetype allows us to step out into life and share our unique perspective.

Reconnect to exuberant joy by access the workshops here:  Entertainer Archetype

Awaken the Creator

The Creator, Maker or Artist is the Archetype that helps us express ourselves in beautiful ways. They foster all imaginative endeavours, from the highest art to the smallest lifestyle or work innovation. The Creator expresses their identity through their creations and in doing so they explore their relationship to the world. A critical part of their quest is finding and accepting themselves.

Pitfalls of the Creator

The shadow side shows itself as obsessive, a need to create and to do this to fill our emptiness. There can be endless essential projects, challenges or new things to do that can manifest in workaholism. This shadow side also manifests as creating messes. Lot of things started and nothing getting completed. The Poor Artist is a stereotype.

Another pitfall is the Prima-donna behaviours. The extreme self-indulgence of the Shadow Side of the Creator can be self-sabotaging. Another pitfall is they can become addicted to their work/creativity.

Benefits of the healthy Creator

The goal of the Creator is clarity on their identity. They are visionaries, creative, imaginative and skilful. The Creator expresses their individuality. They have strong aesthetics, noticing beauty and creating it in their own way. This Archetype can use their self-expression as their vocation.

Awaken your Explorer Archetype

Are you struggling to get out and do what you want? If you have been in a relationship, maybe you’ve been running round after the needs of your children or you have spent a long period of time withdrawn, the thought of going out on your own may feel overwhelming. The Explorer Archetype is the energy that you need to reconnect to within you.

You can access all the different Archetype energies. Some may be more available than others depending on your life experience. The art is to be able to access what you need when you need it. If you’re at a point where you want to search for a better life, the Explorer Archetype is the energy for this quest!

Following a path of self-discovery

The Explorer leaves the known, to discover and explore the unknown. They’re brave and strong enough to be on their own, to seek out new paths. They are on a quest to rediscover their uniqueness, their perspective and their calling. Authenticity is the goal of the Explorer; they want to be who they really are, not what society has told them to be.

“Freedom is oxygen of the soul” – Moshe Dayan

Adventurous, open-minded and independent they often like to travel. Travel allows them to explore somewhere new, but also themselves in relation to that new experience. New cultures, new experiences and ways of undertaking tasks creates a new perspective on life. There’s clarity and expanded possibilities in knowing life has many opportunities, not only the way you were socialised to do things. Who do you choose to be?

Why do I need healthy Explorer Energy in my life?

Seeking freedom all the time can lead to alienation and loneliness. Explorers are looking for something that will improve their life but may not realise they have much already inside themselves. This can result in feelings of chronic disappointment. The shadow side is going from one self-improvement course to yet another health club as their main life activity. They are striving to live up to an impossible goal or to find the ‘right’ solution.

The Shadow side is the never feel ready to commit to accomplish anything. The life challenge is to be unafraid to commit to settling in one place with one person, in one style of life. Exploration can be emotional as well as physical.

Why do I need Explorer Energy?

Do you have gifts that you want to bring to the world? Is it time to stop following the crowd, and be you? Did you give your life in the service to others and lose your identity along the way? Who are you when you’re not fulfilling a role? The Explorer Archetype can support you in your search for an authentic life.

The gifts of the Explorer are independence, bravery, non-conformity and self-sufficiency. If you want to connect with who you are on a deeper level, join my Explorer Archetype workshop. This archetype will support you to be true to your deeper self. It’s nonconformist but it will support you to discover your uniqueness and calling.

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step” Lao Tzu

The Explorer just keeps moving until they find their goal and usually their true self too.

Mastery – the gift of the Warrior Archetype

“I don’t know how I’m going to win. I just know I’m not going to lose.” Gokham Saki
When life gets tough, you need your inner Warrior to step forward, be brave and determined. Otherwise, you feel a victim of life and giving away your power. This powerless position isn’t going to get you to where you want to be in life. It isn’t going to make your big, beautiful dreams come true. If you want positive change, you need to be brave and make it happen. A Warrior is a brave fighter – this is an energy; it’s not linked to gender. The fight can be an inner fight to make a change in your life. You may also choose to call upon the Warrior to champion the cause of others. Maybe a fight for social justice or a more harmonious way of living on the earth. The Warrior represents physical strength, and the ability to protect and fight for your rights and those of others. The Warrior is a fighter with a heart. “Don’t be afraid to fail. Be afraid not to try.” The Warrior personifies determination and a will to win. You may not know how you will win, but you need the courage of the Warrior to pursue your goals.
She needed a hero, so she became one
If you are drawn to work with this Archetype you may require the Warrior spirit to help you set firm personal boundaries and to stand up for your rights. This energy is helpful if you want to take control in your life, and no longer wish to play the role of the victim. Women can bring their feminine qualities to leadership roles. Communication, Cooperation and nurturing others to bring the best out in them. These qualities empower a team enabling it to be more and achieve more. Ewin McManus said “The Warrior is always a servant… The Warrior does not serve because they cannot lead; they know that a person cannot lead if they do not serve.”
Confucius – “Never give a sword to a man who can’t dance.” This ancient wisdom tells us that there needs to be a union with the heart to hold power responsibly. A Warrior has a strong connection between their will/power and their heart. The heart guides the direction, otherwise the Warrior skills being used for personal gain without thought of morality, ethics or the good of the whole group are the Archetypal Villain. This is also active in our lives any time we feel compelled to compromise our principles to get our way or win. The shadow side of the Warrior reflects the need to win at all costs, abandoning ethical principles to prove your supremacy. The shadow of the Warrior is rampant in business today. Conversely the Warrior may appeal to you if you have a very strong sense of self and are proud of the victories you have achieved. The shadow side of Warrior may be asking you to reflect honestly on the cost of these victories. Have they been at the expense of others or your principles?
In the 3 x 1-hour sessions of the Exploring the Warrior Archetype we immerse in this energy. Embodying the Warrior Archetype and her goal of mastery. This can be applied to any area of your life. Challenging work tasks need focus and determination. You can activate this powerful energy, rather than languishing in procrastination. Tough and courageous, this archetype helps you set and achieve goalsovercome obstacles and persist in difficult times.  In the workshop you will examine the pitfalls which are arrogance and ruthlessness. Awareness supports you to choose a new course of action. ​ The Warrior’s gifts are couragedisciplinedetermination and skillExploring the Warrior Archetype will support you to enrich your life with these gifts.

Liberation – the gift of the Destroyer Archetype

“Everything I’ve ever let go of has claw marks on it.”

David Foster Wallace

Every month we have a New Moon. This is the time of darkness. This state of darkness is familiar to us and something we shouldn’t fear. We came from darkness in the ****. We have day and night, a time of rest and revival. Depending on what you believe, there is also the darkness before your soul enters your body and your current incarnation. These are all cycles the clearing before the start of something new.

We are familiar with a period of Wintering, of dissolution and this is a natural cycle. It’s not sustainable to be in the full action of summer all the time. Just imagine, if we did do this, there wouldn’t be time for change. Although we would be perpetually busy, we’d become stagnant, doing the same things over and over. Repeating the same mistakes. There would be no time for review, learning and letting go. Does this sound familiar? Is a pattern in your life?

Knowing when to let go

The Gift of the Destroyer Archetype is to know when it is time to let go and to do so with grace. Letting go is a crucial part of life. Learning to let go and trust that something better will take its place is a life-lesson. This is a natural death and rebirth cycle. When we embody this energy in ourselves, we can move on from situations that we’ve outgrown, being present to harvest the lessons and turn it into wisdom.

How are you at endings?

Do you fear them?

You can be present at endings when you embody the Destroyer Archetype energy. You don’t avoid difficult emotions. You have the capacity to be present, to grieve the loss or perceived loss and that allows you to move on.

Why do I need healthy Destroyer energy?

Why is this important? If you can’t allow the emotions to move through you, you’ll find yourself stuck, unable to move on in your life. This may mean:

  • You don’t start a new relationship as you fear a possible end and heartache. The result is you stay alone and feel lonely.
  • You can’t let go of belongings as you have not processed the emotions and moved on from that part of your life. You’re hording/chained to the past as you haven’t dealt with it.
  • In business you may be unable to complete projects and move on to something new and better. Incapable of ending a product that isn’t performing well and make space for something new.
  • You are stuck repeating life-limiting beliefs. To allow yourself to become someone new, you need to crack open your protective shell and dissolve who you are. The old you must die before the new you can become.

The Destroyer Archetype bears gifts for you. We need a time of darkness and reflection to be able to formulate the wisdom. This gives us clarity in what is a weed and what is something we should keep and nurture in our life. The Destroyer energy supports us to move beyond fear and weed out limiting beliefs. When you master Wintering, you learn to collaborate with the dying of the old, the outworn, the tattered disguises and know this is process of liberation.

In our outer focused Western culture, we are not taught to recognise and honour these organic cycles and override them -often at a huge personal cost in terms of stress and burnout. Winter is not the death of the life cycle, but it’s preparing the ground for the fertile new growth.

What does this mean in my life?

Your life is continuously moving through this birth, growth, death and rebirth cycle. If you are in business you may want to take a moment to recognise where your projects are. Are you holding on to things that need to be released? Are you fearful of letting go? Recognise that there is always a threshold, ending one cycle while anticipating a new one around the corner.

Take some quiet time to reflect your relationship to endings.

  • How were you taught to deal with uncomfortable feelings?
  • Are you fully present at endings?
  • Do you choose to remain in a relationship long after it is has ceased to be beneficial to you?

Do you want to be able to create a new and better life for yourself? If so, you need to release that which limits you. You need to be brave, progressive and take risks. These are leadership qualities. You need to lead yourself into your improved life and that means destroying the old, so your energy is thereafter able to be focused on creating the new.

Is it time to end the claw marks and fearful grasping?

Let go gracefully.

The Destroyer Archetype workshops allow you to let go and liberate yourself. The 3 x 1hours workshops Explore the Destroyer Archetype and activate the gifts: capacity to let go, bravery, risk-taking, progressive, leadership and enable metamorphosis in your life.

How does it feel to sit in the Sisterhood Campfire Circle?

Connection – Community

Can you feel a longing inside? A hollow feeling, the emptiness of an unmet need. It’s hard to put your finger on what it is exactly. I’ve felt this hollow in myself in the past and only when I stepped into a women’s circle was there a profound internal change in me. I felt like ‘I’D COME HOME’.

This is a felt sense, not something the mind can make sense of. This feeling isn’t something you get from being with family or on fun a night out with friends or from buying something. It is deep nourishment. Simply BEing you is enough. You feel nurtured from the inside because you’re connecting to other like-hearted women in the Sisterhood Campfire.

At the Sisterhood Campfire we create meaning together. We learn about ourselves through being in relationship with others.

Your soul calls you to sit in a Woman’s Circle  

Our lives are busy. So many things call for our attention every minute of the day. We are habituated to being available to others through our phones 24/7. All this means we lose sense of who we are. The Sisterhood Campfire is a safe space, a quiet space within the busyness of life to reconnect to core of who you are. Experience clarity, awareness and reconnection to your knowing.

We visualise, relax, journal and deepen into exploring ourselves, with the intention of unfolding. Stripping away the masks we wear. Liberating ourselves from the things that no longer serve us.

The embodiment practices at the Campfire allow you to reconnect with your body. This is time for you, a gift to yourself. You will feel calm and centred. If you dedicate time to coming to the Campfire, you will reconnect to your intuition.

Deepening your Roots

As this is a safe sacred space, there is an Initiation Ceremony, If you want to join the Online Sisterhood Campfire you need to speak from your heart and claim your seat by the fire. You set your intention to be part of the Circle. You will be witnessed by others as you step into the Circle. We support and celebrate each other. This is a loving space where you can move from your busy mind into your open heart. We have the intentions to be ourselves. We hold space and listen with heart to one another. This radical unconditional love and it allows us to deepen into self-acceptance.

Here we pause the journey of life and take time to rest and reflect, by the fire, in the company of like-minded women. This space allows us to deepen our roots. From this place we can take a higher perspective on life. We are no longer in the drama. Feel grounded and centred in who you are. Become aware of life’s lessons and with this awareness comes the liberty of new choices.

The Campfire is a close group. After the Initiation new women are absorbed into the group without compromising our depth, vulnerability and realness. Over time the depth of openness and intimacy builds and becomes stronger – we are fiercely protective of that. We are exploring feminine spiritual practices. We are meeting in a space beyond the mind and the personality. We are exploring new and radical ways to nourish each other as women.

Every Woman’s Circle is different. Some are places to chat about the past or share worries about the future.  This Circle supports you to stay present. The power to make changes in your life is in the present moment. Your practices here in the Sisterhood Campfire will ripple out in your life. After the Circle there is a time for informal connection and chat around the virtual tea urn. We are women and we like to chat. There is space for it all.

Let all the pretences fly.

It is time.

Are you joining us?


“Last night I sat in Sarah Nicholson’s Sisterhood Campfire circle for the first time. Sarah brought us into the circle through meditation and visualisation, creating a really strong connection with all members of the group.

Sarah led us with some energy awareness exercises – what it was to be present and connecting, opening us up to how our interactions with each other feel, through sharing and listening. Everything about the experience was considered and focused. We had breakout rooms, which were used to have more one to one experienced conversation and listening.

I really enjoyed the full experience, having done 3 of Sarah’s previous courses, I knew to expect a clear and strong development, what I loved was the gentle relaxed way she held the circle and kept raising our awareness, opening up our conscious awareness. “

Bridget Bernadette Karn