The Goddess of Never Not Broken

Do you feel you are in a state of flux, disorientated and unsure of the future? This is a natural state and we all feel it at some time in our lives. Although it may feel uncomfortable it opens new possibilities for your future. You no longer have a well worn route, doing the same things day after day, you can do or be whatever you want.
This article helps us see the gifts of this way of being: “there is a goddess from Hindu mythology that teaches us that, in this moment, in this pile on the floor, you are more powerful than you’ve ever been.”
When you have read the article do let me know what you think. Are you riding the crocodile?

2020 Winter Solstice – what do you choose for your 2021?

We have all been through a transformational 2020. Whether your work has changed, your financial circumstances, there have been dramatic adjustments to seeing family and friends, as well as your liberties have been constrained. We live in a world with different rules to the one we were in 12 months ago. This Winter Solstice a very potent time. This blog will give you guiding question to help you release 2020 and get ready to welcome in 2021.

Journal prompts

I encourage you to grab your journal a cuppa and settle down for 20 minutes of reflection and visioning. Take a few deeper slow breaths, relax into your body and allow your awareness and answers to come from your heart rather than your head. Complete the following:

For me, the last year has been…

What I have learned is…

I am most proud of…

What good things have happened?

What have been your favourite moments?

What have been your most difficult moments?

What have you learned about yourself?

What has become more important to you?

One word to describe what you are letting of/releasing in 2020:

You may have heard that Jupiter and Saturn will be so close together that they will be seen as one bright star. This is been likened to the Star in Bethlehem. You may want to head out and look in the South West direction for this amazing spectacle. This is a time of great change for the planets. We are affected by their energies and it helps us to understand what is happening.

What does this mean? Saturn represents discipline, structure – this can be yourself and structure and discipline exerted on the masses by external forces. Jupiter is unfolding spirituality and bestower of gifts. Today be aware of these two elements in your life as you set your intentions for the coming year.

You may have also heard that we are stepping into a new age, the age of Aquarius. What does this mean? The last age was Pisces, an earth sign, Aquarius is an air sign. Things won’t feel so heavy. There will be new inspiration, working with technologies and finding new innovative solutions. Aquarius is free-spirited, progressive, original, independent, humanitarian. As Maressa Brown explains that “this period will be about learning and growth around how we as individuals contribute to and affect — for better or worse — the world around us, whether that’s a collaborative effort with colleagues or fellow environmental protection activists. It’ll be about putting in the work and reaping the benefits of trading “me” for “we.”

Journal Prompts for 2021

What is your vision for the future?

What needs to die to make space for your vision?

What is working for you?

If you knew you couldn’t fail, what do you think you’d be doing that you aren’t now?

What is important to you?

How can you be disciplined to create the life you want?

What are you known for?

What do you want to be known for?

What do you need to let go of to align with the new you?

What spiritual gifts are there for you, if you choose to elevate your frequency by stepping out of fear and allow more love into your life?

What is your word for 2020?

What is your first step towards that?

Aquarius is a future-focused sign. Get clear on your vision for your future. Transformation comes from the inside out. Give your self 20 minutes to get clear on your next year. Please share below any insights on your 2020 or what you want to create in 2021.

Happy Solstice


Top tips for December

Moving into December 2020, this blog will support you to finish the year gracefully. We are in the dark half of the year, short days and long nights. This is a time for rest, being, surrendering. The time of year to go inward. When we didn’t have electrical lights, we had to slow with the rhythm of the seasons. This article will give you tips on how to move with more ease through the darkness.

What has the pandemic taught us?

This dark time, the end of autumn as we approach winter is a time to take stock of the year that we experienced. 2020 has been an exceptional year. We have all been in the workshop of life! It has shaken us to our core, made us review what we took for granted and reminded us to appreciate the small things in life.

Many people’s perspective has been changed by their experiences. Previously their life focused on the future and doing. They looked forward to Friday, to going away, the next holiday, they wanted it to be sunny so they could be busy outdoors. The pandemic ended our ability move around and plan with certainty. People’s focus became more about being in the moment and gratitude for what was around them. There was a depth to people’s experiences. Life became about quality, not quantity. Many realised they had been time poor and their health was suffering previously. It has been a big awakening.

Life review without judgement

We can take this quality of being that was cultivated during lockdown and relax back into it. This darkness the time to review your life without judgement. Notice where you are. How does it feel? Just sit quietly, take a slow deep breaths and exhale slowly. Allow yourself to relax. Drop your awareness down to your heart space. Do you feel you are on your path in life? Or does it feel like you are in the gravel or deep sand not going anywhere? Listen to your body, your feeling. What do you sense? Be honest with where you are.

Keep your pockets full of dreams

You know where you are and but do you know where you want to go? Keep your pockets full of dreams because life is a test of faith. What’s the most positive vision you have about your life? What does it look like? How do you ideally see yourself? There’s lots of change in the world and you may feel a need for change in your life. Now is the time to get clear on what that means. You may be choosing a new destination for your life.

New destination

Before this year we were swept along on a narrative which encouraged people to work long hours so they could buy lots of thigs and escape on holiday. What 2020 has taught many is that this way of being wasn’t fulfilling. Time to review their life has enabled their suppressed dreams to bubble o the surface. They are aligning themselves onto their path, getting out of the old rut and stepping into their Life Purpose.

She woke up one morning

In the wrong life,

With no damn idea.

Shock ruptured her soul,


Searching for something –

Nothing was there.

Shaken to her core,

Anxiety fuelled sad


Tears stung her face,

Panic ripped her heart,

Sadness stole her eyes

And truth ran through cold.


She woke up one morning

“You got yourself in this, you get yourself out!”

She focused in tight

On glimpses of light,


One day at a time

She got out of her hole.

Freedom felt close,

Energy soared.


A decision was made,

She trusted herself,

Walked straight out the door

And let her wings bring her home.                    Lynette Allen


What is your Life Purpose?

Now is a good time to do a life review without judgement. I encourage you to check in with yourself. What emotion are you feeling a lot of the time? If you are in a negative space, I encourage you to identify what’s knocking you off course. Are you doing the thing you love doing in life? What brings you joy and fulfilment? You’ll know what it is because even if you aren’t getting paid, you love doing it. You’ll get so absorbed and not notice the time passing.

Embrace the stillness of this time of year. Without stillness nothing new can be created. Take time to be still, go within and listen. Review the past year, learn from all your experiences. Notice how you have grown and developed through these unique times. Celebrate your successes.


What is time to let go of?

You are different, with different friends to the young girl you were many years ago. Everything changes. Trying to stay the same is unnatural. First, you must let go of the old you to make space for the new you. This is like a snake shedding it’s skin. You need to hide under a rock, while you grow and the new you forms. Embrace stillness and allow yourself to hear the wisdom. What are you becoming? In the darkness, what seeds do you need to plant in your life?

If you want support as we move into the darkness to find your path, do get in touch. Schedule a 20 minute complimentary call

Enjoy the gifts of the darkness and stillness.

Celebrating the beauty of a middle-aged woman

Its autumn in the UK and I love this time of year, the turning of the colours. Things move out of vivid colours to richer tones. A woman’s life can be linked to the seasons and I’m in the autumn of my life. I am an Autumn Queen. In this blog, I going to share my musings about nature and why women’s middle aged bodies are beautiful.

A woman’s life in seasons

As I said the seasons can be linked to the phases of a woman’s life. Spring is the girl/maiden, after her first period she moves into Summer the mother, which is a time of creation – this may be work it doesn’t have to be children. Autumn in the peri-menopause, the time of letting go of the old that no longer serves us in our lives, like the trees let go of their leaves. We bring the harvest of our experience to those we serve. Finally, there is winter, the crone, this about endings and there has to be an ending for there to be something new.

The bust of Nefertiti was found in an Egyptian tomb in 1913. This changed the west’s perception of beauty. Out went the curvy renaissance woman with her feminine body a soft tummy. Nefertiti was a new kind of beauty, slim and angular, you will be familiar with this form in photoshoots in magazines. Models are chosen to represent this idea of beauty.

Not many women’s bodies are naturally the shape that is portrayed. It’s statistically unrealistic to have a model body. Letting go of the idea that any of us need to conform to this beauty industry concept is very freeing.

Nature’s beauty

Heading out the house into nature makes me feel relaxed. There’s the grandeur and strength of the trees that have been growing many more years than I have been alive. They will outlast me. The magic and delight of seeing a beautiful flower, a colourful leaf or the stain glass colours of the sun through the leaves. Nothing is perfect but it’s all brings a sense of awe.

Looking at the autumn leaves, I marvel at the beautiful colours as the trees reclaim the chlorophyll, the reds, browns, oranges and yellows. I realised that the tree trunks of the trees all had unique shapes. None of them were perfectly straight and unblemished, the idea tree. They had been moulded by the space they lived in and they each looked beautiful to me. They are each more interesting because they are unique, their shape, ripples, sagging, knots and scar tissue.

Autumn in nature and the Autumn Queen

I realise that trees, leaves and flowers are beautiful because they aren’t perfect. In my blog Women reclaim your bodies I encouraged women to celebrate their bodies as the beautiful vessels of their experiences. We are older, wiser and our bodies show it, just like the magnificent tree trunk with its ripples, sagging and scars.

I see the tree as magnificent. I wondered, is my body as an Autumn Queen magnificent? Only I, decide whether the answer is yes or no. I choose the lens of beauty – is it renaissance or Nefertiti or something else? When I look in the mirror, I choose whether to judge the reflection or not and by what standards. I want my body to flourish. I want to take pleasure in being me. I choose to love my body and l know am magnificent, curves, scars and all.

When you look in the mirror… what do you see?

Do you see your magnificence?

Are you proud of who you are?

Every woman should know she is beautiful. I want you to know in your bones you are beautiful.  If you are struggling to move your mindset and allow this truth in, join my  powerful free workshop: Love Who You Are. You can also work with me one to one as your Embodiment Coach, where we can get to the core of your particular situation and weed out destructive beliefs from your past. Free yourself to be magnificent!

How to look beautiful naturally everyday

Can you look beautiful? When you look at yourself in a mirror are you happy with what you see? When you look at yourself are you very judgmental? Are you as judgmental with other people as you are yourself? This article will enable you to unpick your thought process and help you to look beautiful naturally every day.

As a teenager I didn’t think I was pretty. Now aged 49, when I look back at photos of myself, I don’t think my view was accurate. I see a beautiful girl. In my 20s and 30s I didn’t like having my photo taken or looking at myself in the mirror. Is this sounding familiar? Do you also avoid looking at yourself in the mirror? How can you look at yourself and be happy with what you see? Let’s journey together and see what we can find to solve this problem. If you are happier with how you look, you will feel happier inside.

What does beautiul mean?

Let’s start with beauty. What do you think is beautiful? You need to understand your idea of beauty is to be able to achieve it. If you don’t, there’s no target, you’re firing all over the place hoping to hit something. Let’s be clear, we are talking about natural beauty, not huge fake eyelashes and thick make up that doesn’t allow your skin to breathe. That’s not natural beauty, it’s fake.

What does beauty look like to you? Can women your age look beautiful? Can women older than you look beautiful? If you answered no to either of these questions, where did you get this view? Was it from magazines and marketing images full of pubescent models? Our society reveres youth and those are the images we see everywhere. Have you been programmed to think that young equates with beautiful without you realising it?

Do you have friends your age that are naturally beautiful women? What is it about them? Are they confident and fun? Do they shine from the inside out? When they laugh do you see their laughter-lines in their face? Does this make them beautiful?

I think older women are beautiful. For a start, we should be celebrate getting to our beautiful older age. We all know of men and women that haven’t lived as long as us. I see beauty in the lines of an older woman’s face, she is wearing her wisdom. But it’s her eyes that sparkle with mischief and fun that give her face beauty. No make up can give you that – it is vibrant and untamed.

How can I be beautiful?

How do I get that natural beauty you ask? That vibrancy comes from inside. Look at yourself in the mirror and noticing all the parts of you that you like. What do you see that is beautiful? Are your eyes beautiful? Do you like the shape of your face, your lips, the colour of your skin? I bet you can list lots of things you aren’t happy with about your appearance. My challenges to you is to find 3 things you like about your face and features, then find another one and another and another…

If you don’t you will be repeating my mistake. I thought I wasn’t beautiful as a teenage, in my 20s and 30s but I look back at old photos of me and a I see a beautiful woman that was unhappy with herself which made her sad. It was a waste of my life. I had bought into cultural stories about how I needed to look subconsciously, and this was making me feel inadequate. It was destroying my self-esteem.

In my 40s I realised that a load of utter crap was going round in my head which made me miserable. I decided to end its hold over me. It was journey in which I reclaimed being beautiful me. You too can do this too if you want.

We started looking at your views about beauty. I hope you have widened your definition of beauty. You will have identified radiant women of your age and older. What do you like about their faces? Do you also have this quality? You are looking for more positive things you like about yourself. It’s time to be loving and compassionate with yourself.

Shine your beauty

When you love yourself, the confidence flows from the inside out. You are more relaxed, life is more fun and you smile more. It’s time to look in the mirror and look yourself in the eyes and say “hey beautiful, you’re looking gorgeous today”. I do this after I get out the shower in the morning. This may seem very un-British, but who cares? You feel great, you are cheering yourself on in life. Give it a go! It might feel award at first, a bit false, but go for it until you really mean it. Love the woman looking back at you. Thank your gorgeous body for being your container in this life. You will look in the mirror, look yourself in the eyes with love and know you look naturally beautiful.

Let me know how you felt about your appearance in the different phases of your life. Email me about how working with the mirror goes via If you need more support in this personal journey reach to me via email or a 20 minute complimentary chat:

Women- reclaim your body

Many women have a difficult relationship with their bodies. There isn’t one simple reason. The tapestries of our lives are made from many threads, some that make us feel good and others that make us feel bad about ourselves. In this article, I will explore why and share some ways to reclaim a good relationship with your body.

When you look in the mirror what do you see?

If I asked you to describe what you see, would you start listing your good points or what you think are the bad ones? Which would be the longer list – good or bad? I’d bet you started with negative statements about yourself. You’re not the only woman who does this. Why are women so nasty to themselves? Where does this behaviour come from?

Cultural influences

If you go to Cuba, the women ooze confidence and self-respect. They are proud of their bodies regardless of their job or how they look. Cuba was isolated from advertising. They weren’t subjected to images of young thin women, marketing telling them what they needed to look different to be liked. These women grew up confident in the natural shape of their bodies. They know they are beautiful and sexy, this is raw confidence.

What do you see when you look in the mirror?

One of the threads that woven into the tapestry of many women’s lives is their bodies are the physical space that has been violated. The #MeToo movement showed the numbers of women that had suffered sexual abuse, but not all victims want to go public. We all know there are many more victims, you may know someone or it maybe you.

There are also the situations where you liked someone, you enjoy being with them, but the swiftness in which they want to have sex, is far too fast for you. You don’t want to be judged negatively, so you go along with it before your body is ready. You put your partners needs above your own. The issue is you didn’t listen to your body, you betrayed yourself.

Many women are walking guilt, shame and pain. They don’t like their bodies as they see a victim in the mirror. They feel broken, not good enough and this is another cultural aspect.

Women’s bodies are beautiful

Recently I saw an incredible calendar created by the artist Kat Shaw. She had drawn women’s bodies that had had ****** cancer. The paintings are done with such love you can see that in every brush stroke. But Kat has taken the Japanese art of Kintsugi where broken things are fixed using gold and applied them to women’s bodies. Adding gold leaf and glitter to the scars, she shows the history of the body. The paintings of these women are even more magnificent. Kat calls them the “Golden Warriors”, I think they are incredibly beautiful.

We each have a choice

This is a journey of realisation. Our perspective of our bodies is everything. Whether we hold our head high with self-love and confidence or believe we aren’t good enough or are broken in some way, it’s our choice. I look at the paintings and see beauty. I look at my body and I see beauty. Kat is helping women to honour and cherish their bodies for the magnificent things they are.

Women reclaiming their bodies

I first came across Kat’s work as she started her series “And Still I Rise”. These were individual paintings of women with natural bodies not photoshop images. Each one had a story of over-coming adversity. “I survived sexual assault as a child… and still I rise” This picture is of a woman who had little regard for herself or her body as a teenager because of the abuse. Kat’s painting shows a strong woman, not a victim, a survivor. Women send pictures of themselves to Kat, who lovingly paints them.

Women are reclaiming their bodies. These beautiful images of women who have survived sexual abuse, a brain tumour, dissociative identity disorder, survived childhood sexual abuse, show their strength and vulnerability. It creates a new narrative in our subconscious. Women’s bodies are beautiful because of the things we have been through. The stretch marks from pregnancy, scars, they all make our unique beauty. This raw and loving artwork allows us to see ourselves as the sexy beauties we are.

How do you want see yourself?

It’s time to stop the self-hate and find the parts of you that you love and celebrate them. Look at yourself in the mirror what words would you use to describe yourself? Majestic, breath-taking, remarkable, precious, noble, divine, radiant, tantalising, magnificent, fabulous, dignified, glorious, luscious. Do this often. Look the woman in the mirror in the eye and love her.

Kat’s works also show women realising how amazing they are, when they see themselves as others see them. It’s time to do this for yourself. Time to stop believing the cultural claptrap created to make you feel bad about yourself, so you’ll buy more stuff. It’s time to get rid of the guilt and shame, pull those threads from your tapestry. Step into the magnificence of who you are, your beauty shines from the inside you. It’s time to radiate your beauty!

Need a little more support on this journey?

If you want more support join me for 4 one-hour online coaching sessions: Love Who You Are.  It’s time to reconnect with your mind, body and soul. Monday 30th November- Thursday 3rd December 7-8pm (London) These are FREE online coaching workshops, my gift. I know how hard it can be and I want to help women feel good about themselves. Please share these powerful workshops with friends, and sign up it’s important to take time to nurture ourselves.

How to withstand life’s earthquakes

Life is made up of many challenges, at first, it’s learning to walk, talk and feed ourselves. As we move through life, we have experiences, learning new skills. These shape the person we become. No two people are the same, our combination of knowledge, skills and experiences are unique. Have you wondered how some people seem to bounce back from problems easier than others? In this blog, I will discuss how you can become more resilient in life. This is something we all need now.

Let’s be honest, no-one is happy all the time. You go through challenging experiences that develop your inner strength and resilience. Inner strength is important, it helps you withstand life’s earthquakes. I use the term earthquakes because that is what they feel like when they hit. They shake you to the core and you may crumble. Events such as the death of a loved one, redundancy, serious illness, the break-up of your relationship, they all send shock waves through you. This is a time of re-evaluation. Who am I? Why is this happening? What is life all about? Am I living my best life?

These seismic moments in your life, hit you hardest, when you are out of alignment with your truth. They are knocking you back on to your path.

Self-development = taking charge of your life

Everything is evolving around you. Your life is about learning and evolving. Sit with that for a couple of breaths. What are you doing to support your own learning and evolution? Do you invest in your own development? I ask this because there will be times in your life, which are like being hit by an earthquake and I wonder are you evolving to meet the challenge?

Life’s not about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain. This beautifully illustrates that our perception is everything. Is it a storm or dancing in the rain? The same event, but different experiences created from two completely different perspectives created by different belief systems.

Are you a pessimist?

What do you say to yourself? Are you optimistic or pessimistic about life? How you experience the world is defined by your belief system. Are you feeling scared or anxious about the future? You can choose to think a different way if you want. At one point in my life, my optimism slipped into negative thinking. I was faced with redundancy for the second time in a brief period. This was the second earthquake going through my life. I was no longer positive about the outcome and this drained my vitality. This incident taught me the importance of changing my old beliefs.

How are you coping during the pandemic?

As someone that has walked this path, I’m showing you the map. It’s much easier to turn things round before they get out of control. What are your beliefs? Are they up to date or just old baggage you collected as a child? Have you spent any time looking at the belief systems that run your life? Are they flexible or ridged?

You may have the “it won’t happen to me attitude”. I’ll cope. I’ll manage somehow when it happens. Having been through that painful learning process, I have a different attitude now.

What is self-development?

If you can imagine life is a process of evolution, a bit like walking to the top of a mountain. There are different ways to get up the mountain, you choose your path. You can keep going along the same easy level for ages and then you’ll find yourself at a cliff face, you can’t go round you have to get over it. This is a crisis; you need to change and upgrade dramatically to move forward in your life. You may be stuck at that point for month as you work out what needs to change for you to be able to move forward.

Self-development can help you find the map of the journey. You can choose to walk gradually up hill on the easier gradient. All the time you are learning, emptying unwanted beliefs out of your backpack and making your journey easier. The way I see it, when I invest in self-development, I’m investing in myself and my future. It’s my risk assessment and I’m taking action to make my life easier in the long run. What do you think?

  • How do you cope with a big life changing event?
  • How have you coped during the pandemic?
  • How could you learn to cope better?
What can we learn from places that have earthquakes?

Japan is earthquake prone. In this film you see a 41m pagoda that has stood for hundreds of years, when other smaller buildings have been demolished by earthquakes. Why are our modern concrete structures, the symbol of strength, being destroyed by the earthquake? How is this huge pagoda managing to stay upright?

In the center of the pagoda is a pillar structure, the shinbashira made out of straight trunks of Japanese cypress. The pillar runs the entire length of the pagoda. The wooden joints of the pagoda aren’t fixed, they can move and flex. The building is adaptable, it can flex and flow. It is not ridged and fixed and so it remains standing after the earthquake.

What can I do?

You need a grounding and centering technique. This is your pillar. You are connected deep into the ground and out the top of your head. When you are grounded, you are present. You are in the current moment, not the past, not the future. From this space of the now you have options, and you have choice. I teach people how to do this for themselves. This gives you your roots.

“Storms make trees take deeper roots.”

Dolly Parton

You need to resource yourself. Within the Grounding aspect of Discover Your Truth there are different aspects: stillness, home, embodiment, health, wealth, emotions, stability and freedom. If we take the pagoda analogy, each topic is a joint on the ground floor. These are the topics that everything else in your life are built on. You need good foundations for anything above it to withstand the crisis. It is often a lack of good foundations that brings you to your knees. Life points out where you need to improve yourself. The pandemic has shown every individual where they need to evolve.

Become more flexible

A pagoda joint is a refined piece of work, it isn’t basic and rough, its carefully created. Take time and invest in your learning, upskill to enable yourself to be able to react more elegantly to the challenges of life. Instead of just having one way of doing things, you now have several that you can choose from. You understand what works at a particular time. Having only one way of doing things, is like the concrete buildings in Japan, you can’t withstand the force of the impact as you have no flexibility.

Investing in yourself is the best thing you can do in your life. You create the pagoda’s flexible joints in your life. Changing your perspective, increasing your skills and knowledge allow you to flex and move in an earthquake, allowing you to stay standing. You’re adaptable, but you are grounded in what’s right for you, rather than following someone else’s path.

How can I be safe and resilient?

If we think about these Grounding topics: stillness, home, embodiment, health, wealth, emotions, stability and freedom, they are the ground floor of the pagoda. All of them, used in the correct combination, will enable you to have firm footings.

Each facet of us, is another level in the pagoda: passion, power, love, communication, vision and illumination. Each of these levels has many aspects which are the joints. For example, the joints on the Power level include strength, confidence, magnetism, courage, presence, leadership and coherence.

What does this mean in everyday life?

The joints in the pagoda symbolise the different aspects of yourself. If we take courage, there are different aspects to courage we can unpack and refine in ourselves. This allows you to draw on your courage and not be ruled by fear. Our courage is accessible in a healthy way enabling us the live the life of our dreams. We can access it with clarity, and know it comes from a grounded place not a knee-jerk reactive place.

What difference does it make?

This is growth, personal evolution and it transforms your life. No longer are you aren’t stuck with only one way of doing things. Maybe you only have a hammer for every job, instead you can develop a more flexile tool kit. The result is your life is full of better outcomes. Life is easier (you’re not trying to do everything with a hammer) and you have more vitality. You flow and flex with life. You’re no longer the ridged structure that falls when too much pressure is exerted.

Do you flow and flex with life? Do you find yourself anxious when things don’t go the way you wanted them to go?

You can find out more about how Discover Your Truth can help you to evolve and achieve more in your life. Give yourself time to be calm, creative and evolve. It is the easier path. Each month you look in the backpack of your life and find the things that you need to let go of.

Do share this article. If you have a thought you’d like to share about your own experiences in life or about this blog, leave a comment below.


Do you feel the emotions Anger and Rage?

These are powerful emotions. Some might view them as challenging emotions. My society taught me it’s unacceptable for a woman to be angry. Unconsciously, I took on this teaching, being the “good girl” and bottling up my anger. Now I realise this is toxic and I’m no longer willing to do it. I have found old anger, stored in my body from past injustices that I have released. After I felt lighter and calm. My body feels more alive.

Your anger is the part of you that knows the mistreatment of you is unacceptable. Your anger knows you deserve to be treated well and with kindness. Your anger is a pert of you that LOVES you.

Holy rage: taking back our power and life force energy

When I do this work, I put a couple of cushions one on top of the other on the ground or a little chair. I kneel and I pound the cushions with my fists and forearms. I roar, I let the anger come out of my body, it’s not from my mind. I use the whole of my body to put power into beating the cushions.


Doing conscious anger work.

If you’re not used to letting yourself be angry, you may need to give yourself permission to express your emotions. Make sure you are in space where you won’t be disturbed, no matter what noises you are making. You need to feel safe to be able to express your truth.


You can do conscious anger work in a parked car. You just need somewhere that you feel safe and you won’t be disturbed. You can pound the steering wheel and roar. Be careful not to hurt yourself and make sure you avoid the horn and air bag!

When you read this do you sense an internal terror?

What have you supressed?

Are you uncomfortable with identifying as being angry/enraged?

We have a lot to learn from the goddess of holy rage: Sekmeth (Isis loyal companion who protected her).

Finding your voice, power and vitality

The pounding and roaring releases suppressed anger and rage. You find your voice again your sense of personal power (lost to systems, the patriarchy or even people in my childhood and growing up). Under the anger you may feel sadness or another emotion. Be kind to yourself and allow yourself to express these emotions. If these emotions come from your younger self, show her the love and compassion she needs to feel safe. Getting rid of these emotions allows more life energy, chi, and creative force, which basically are two sides of the same coin to flow round your body.


Are you vulnerable to predators?

I wonder if we as women and our lost instincts, boundaries, and learned “nice, kind, good girl” behaviour has also left us unprotected in many ways and caused a lot of wounding.

Were you sent into this world with healthy boundaries or unprotected? Are you/ were you vulnerable to predators?


Predators can be anything- a demanding boss and work-life that expects more and more from you, and you continue saying yes. Partners, relationships that are not good for you, people who take advantage of your kindness and lack of boundaries.


I think we all need our own Sekmeth to protect us: OUR HOLY RAGE!


Connect with your personal power

Releasing my anger and rage, I found not only is my personal power coming back, but also my creativity. Without our creativity we feel numb, passive and always receiving instead of being an active force ourselves, bringing forth new life, new ideas into this world instead of absorbing something from the outside all the time, and being invaded by other people’s opinions and ideas of what we should be and should be doing.


Befriending rage is a process, the first time I could barely make a sound, and just kept hitting. Eventually everything became more embodied and at some point, my voice didn’t sound human anymore but more like a primordial rage. I knew then that this was touching the roots of ancestral rage, of the primal rage of the centuries, and of the deepest goldmine of personal healing.


Befriend your rage

I personally believe that befriending our rage and doing conscious anger work will set us free. As women, we have been told for centuries that anger is unacceptable.  We have been trained to fade into the background – the realm of anger and aggression has always been the realm of men. Homemaking, sewing, childcare etc were “womanly” tasks.   Phrases like “nice girl”, “good wife” can be translated to mean women that are non-emotional, compliant, subservient.  Women that freely display strong emotions are called “mad”, “crazy”, “unstable” or even “manly”.


Rage as an emotion does not arrive without a reason.

Something is causing that rage, whether an underlying emotional situation, a true pathology, or a primal urge (such as the urge to protect and defend).  Rage is the messenger that a LIFE ISSUE needs to be addressed and that transformation of self or the situation must take place.

Honour your anger by giving a voice to it. Reclaim your emotions. Express your rage through conscious anger work. Roar, move, punch a cushion, dance, whatever works for you, this is a reclaiming of lost power, lost voice, of mending the heart. You are reclaiming life energy, healing, becoming whole and unwounded.

You always have a divine right to draw a sacred circle around you. The protection you invoke for yourself and others helps you move from feeling helpless to taking loving action.

We all need to roar! Here’s a link to Katy Perry’s Roar

If you want to delve into Emotions further, this topic is explored along with many others in my programme: Discover Your Truth. You will peal back the layers of conditioning to find out who you are. You will claim your power, your confidence and your truth.

What is the Sister Wound?

This may be a new term to you, but I’m sure you will recognise the symptoms of the Sister Wound:

  • mistrusting other women
  • feelings of separation
  • fear of rejection
  • fears of being seen or heard
  • playing small
  • unable to feel at peace and grounded in yourself
  • unable to fully love yourself
  • difficulty in setting healthy boundaries
  • patterns of victimhood
  • inability to stand up for ourselves
  • fear of stepping up
  • fear of authority

What has been the impact on your life?

What will be the impact on your future?

What difference would the right solution mean?

This is something my heart calls me to do. I sense that many women also feel called to heal these deep ancestral wounds.

Why do we need to heal the Sister Wound?

There are two reasons:

  1. for ourselves individually
  2. to help heal our world through reconnection

Our ancestors may be dead, but they are with us in our beliefs and behaviours. The scar we have inherited comes from The Burning Times.

At this point in our history we became separated from the earth. Nature was seen as evil and so it was possible to see it as a commodity. The was the start of our colonial con-questing mindset. Up to this point we had lived in harmony with nature.

Trusting ourselves and other women

We are now at a transformational point in our lives and for the human-race. We need to heal the wounds. As women we need to be able to trust ourselves and other women. We need to reconnect to the earth and revere nature, so we can live in harmony with it rather than exploiting it with no regard for future generations. We are aware the human-race could become extinct if we don’t change our beliefs and behaviours.

Becoming more conscious

We operate in autopilot, doing things we have always done it. Following the tradition, we have grown up in and copied. Now it’s time to consider what you do and why you do it. What if the cultural norm isn’t supporting women to flourish? How can women support each other to create a better world?

Healing the Sister Wound

How many of the symptoms above did you recognise in yourself? One, two, five or all of them? No judgement, just notice how it is. Are you happy living with these symptoms? How do they impact on your life?

How does it affect you when you can’t stand up for yourself?

What are the long-term affects in your life of always playing it small?

What will be the impact of you sorting it out?

Would you like to know how I can help you?

Now is the time to step side by side with your sisters to create a better future. Register on Healing the Sister Wound and share it with your friends. Let’s work together in these workshops to release the wounds of the past. The fear of other women, betrayal, guilt, keeping each other small and following the social norms. It’s time to dream of a better future and work with other amazing women to create it.

Let’s heal the Sister Wound.

What were the Burning Times?

This is a little known aspect of European history has had a huge effect on us culturally and it continues to ripple into our lives. In this blog, I will explain why the Witch Hunts started and their effect on our culture. You will learn how you can be part of healing the wounds and commemorating the thousands of women who were killed in the UK.  It’s time to heal the Sister Wound and empower women.

Why was nature linked to the Devil?

The ecological crisis that we find ourselves in began when humans separated themselves from nature around 500 years ago. At that time the climate changed dramatically approximately from 1460 -1540 when there were heavy storms, long winters and cool summers. It is referred to as the Little Age. Rivers and canals froze, and crops failed which left people starving, sick and malnourished – epidemics spread like wildfire. In search of a culprit for the tension and starvation, nature was framed as the Devil by the Church. Many women were seen as more in tune with nature, plant remedies, medicines, cycles and insights.

What were the Witch Hunts?

In 1485, Pope Innocent VIII ordered an official ‘Witch Hunt’ which lasted nearly 300 years. To cleanse society, women who worshiped the ways of nature were executed. During the witch trials millions of women were tortured and interrogated. Hundreds of thousands were burned and killed in front of children, neighbours and friends to send a clear message that working with nature was no different to working with the Devil. This created a new embedded cultural norm: God and Man were viewed as separate from Nature and Woman.

Remembering the women who were persecuted

If you want to go deeper, in 2020 you can be part of The Medicine Spoon Memorial. In its simplest form this is a creative and collaborative art memorial curated by Caren Thompson. It intends to acknowledge women who were persecuted as witches during the witch hunts in the United Kingdom. A medicine woman or a medicine man is a traditional healer for a community. The symbol of the medicine spoon is used to remember the medicine women.

Remembering Medicine Women with Medicine Spoons

I have decorated a Medicine Spoon for a woman called Issobell Didos from Edinburgh who was killed in 1661. The internet can connect you to details about the trial, facts about the tragic human story. It was a very moving experience; I felt many emotions for this poor woman who had been persecuted. How had she felt? Did she feel betrayed? Deceived? Terrified? This individual act of memorial was my way of honouring her life as it was not honoured in her lifetime.

The Medicine Spoon Memorial aims to individually remember women whose names lay forgotten in trial records. You are invited to join me and many others in this creative project of remembrance.  Opening the project up to others allows the healing of this feminine wound to spread and ripple out into the world.

How can you be part of the Medicine Spoon Memorial?

What do you need to do? Use the link above and place an order. You will receive the symbol of a spoon printed on to pieces of fabric with a wise woman’s (witch) name. You create your memorial by decorating the fabric and adding the name in whatever style or medium you choose.  When you have finished post it back to Ceren Thompson. These small memorials will be sewn together to create larger artworks.

There is such power in large scale memorials such as Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red. Each of the ceramic red poppies represents a life lost in WWI. Art can allow us to access feelings in a deeper way. I hope art venues are found to show the Medicine Spoon Memorial art and connect this these memorial artworks to thousands of visitors. More people need to understand our cultural history. The first step to changing something is awareness.

​”We are born to love; we learn to hate. It’s up to us what we reach for.” Dr. Edith Eva Egar

This inherited trauma continues to affect us centuries later as we continue to play out these wounds. If you want to understand more about how these times have shaped us as women, register on Healing the Sister Wound. Bring your Medicine Spoon and decorate it. It is more powerful when we sit with other women to remember and heal.

What does your heart say?

You know when it’s your time

Is it time to heal your wounds and step into your truth?

These four one hour workshops are a journey to heal  The Sister Wound and reconnect to our feminine essence, to feel safe in our bodies and within the sisterhood.​