Wisdom Wheel

Feel vibrant and resilient. Wisdom Wheel is a life changer! Be more adventurous, joyful and confident.

End burn-out with firm foundations of balance and alignment. This structure supports you to feel energised and enriched, it cultivates freedom.

What is the Wisdom Wheel?

Metaphorically, its investing in upgrading the boat you are using to journey through life. Prioritising wellbeing, fun, adventure and growth. Cultivating a quality life that fuels you and gives you balance during life’s storms. There’s no avoiding the challenges, but you choose the boat and perspective.

Anchor fun, balance, and trust into your life. Cultivating acceptance, adaptability and courage through adventure. Belong to a growth-minded community. Recognition of who you are and living your values.

 The Eight Aspects of the Wisdom Wheel:

These eight aspects will restore quality and balance to your life. Through each aspect you are developing inner qualities and mastering the core values. Incorporating the eight aspects into your life each month, will deepen your roots, allow you to appreciate your present life, explore and express more of who you are.

MAKE CHOICES                   Balance – Vision, Integrity, Intuition

Making choices is self-empowerment. Bringing balance to your life ends burn out. Developing your intuition and moving with integrity closer to your vision.

APPRECIATIVE ENQUIRY             Recognition– Meaningful, Honesty, Joy

Choosing where you place your mental focus, changes your life. Developing an on-going sense of joy through inner recognition, acknowledging your achievements big and small. Renounce scarcity to live an abundant and meaningful life.

 ADVENTUROUS JOURNEY          Confidence – Accountability, Self-Reliance, Adaptability

Overcoming challenges develops confidence. Journeys in unfamiliar places stretch the comfort zone and enrich your life experience. Traveling solo develops accountability, adaptability and self-reliance.

SOMETHING NEW             Growth – Achievement, Courage, Risk-taking

Growth and inner fulfilment come from testing yourself. Doing something new takes courage, you will be risk-taking as this is a new experience. Stepping out of your comfort zone and expanding your skills, knowledge and experience will bring a profound sense of achievement.

MOVEMENT            Health – Fun, Challenge, Self-Discipline

Improving your health through movement. Having fun, taking up the challenge and fostering self-discipline. Being active changes you mentally and physically, you feel your power.

COMMUNITY CONNECTION                   Belonging – Collaboration, Compassion, Unity

Feeling belonging and held by strengthening your community connection. Opportunities for collaboration and sharing your gifts in the service of others. Fostering a deeper sense of compassion for yourself and others. Reconnecting to the feeling of unity.

BE CREATIVE                Self-Expression – Playfulness, Vulnerability, Uniqueness

Opportunities to develop self-expression through creative activities. Cultivating playfulness, expressing your uniqueness and embracing vulnerability.

SOULFUL PRACTICE           Acceptance – Kindness, Wisdom, Trust

Cultivating wisdom, acceptance and trust through your life journey. Taking a higher perspective and expanding kindness to yourself and others. Deepening your roots, feeling resilient and energised.

Do life with purpose, do it on purpose, live life deliberately.

By deliberately, incorporating the eight aspect of the Wisdom Wheel into your life day by day, week by week and month by month you are incrementally making long-term changes to your life. Don’t think in big leaps! Every aspect is a Lego block. Every Lego block that you add you needed. Little adjustments, that over time make an enormous difference to how you feel about your life, your resilience and how you live your life.

This is sustainable change. It’s not boom and bust mentality…if I’m not the best, I’ve failed and give up! It’s a conscious commitment to tackle suffering and prioritising yourself. Guided by the intention to do a little better in each aspect, taking ownership of what and how you do things. This is progression over a time. It is not a competition, it’s your journey at your pace, with a community of growth-minded individuals.