Wisdom Wheel is like a spider’s web


Wisdom Wheel creates a magical transformation in people’s lives to a balanced, satisfying and joyful lifestyle. They become more aware of who they are, through living their truth. The result of getting aligned with who you are is more energy… life feels easier and much more fun.

Why was Wisdom Wheel created?

It was my need to find balance and harmony in my life that took me on a self-discovery journey. Because I burned-out at work, I needed to find a better way to live my life with more ease and harmony.

Over years there had been an imperceptible gradual creeping change in my beliefs. Work had progressively expanded to become the most important thing in my life: my self-definition and my sense of self-worth. Not achieving the results I wanted at work, made me stressed, I felt I needed to do more, and more. It was a never-ending jobs list. My sense of self had become synonymous with output, pleasing others and making money. My thoughts had changed, I was pessimistic, and my health was affected. The long-term stress resulted in poor skin, hair, nails, feeling fatigue and my immune system was compromised leaving me susceptible to any viruses, colds etc. I had adrenal fatigue. This wasn’t sustainable.

I seemed to have headed down a wrong road in my life. Numbing out how I felt, I kept going because I was earning money for holidays and paying the bills. This focus meant I didn’t notice I was going off-track, until I got so sick, I couldn’t go any further. I was stuck in a cul-de-sac with no way forward. It was time to review where I was in my life, and I made choice to change!

I wanted a good life and to find a better way of living. It’s taken me several years of testing this recipe, but I have found a formula that nourishes and energises. It brings balance and harmony to my life. Others are using it to transform their lives and I want to share it with you.

What is Wisdom Wheel?

What makes this different and why is it effective?

Wisdom Wheel has 8 Aspects. Integrating them into your life brings joy, satisfaction, balance and deep self-awareness.

The difference between Wisdom Wheel and other wellbeing activities is this creates a web in your life. The 8 Aspects are like the spokes of a wheel, they strengthen your life holistically. One isn’t enough, you may feel some wellbeing benefit, but doesn’t create a balance. These 8 Aspects are invisible threads, that create an inner wellbeing net that stabilises and resources you, enabling you to stay in your center for longer and longer periods.

What does that mean?

Have you ever watched a spider spin a web?

When you think of a spider, without a web, it can be blown about in its environment. It is in a responsive-reactive state. When you are also in a responsive-reactive state in life? Your mind is searching for problems, worrying about the future or mulling over issues from the past, “I wish I had” or “I wish I hadn’t” loops. Life can feel like you continually responding and adapting to other’s agendas and schedules. There’s a sense of often being knocked off course mentally, physically and emotionally by external factors.

To stop being in this responsive state all the time, the spider creates a web. This creates an invisible structure that is strong and flexible. Wisdom Wheel is this strong invisible structure that you can weave into your life.

Wisdom Wheel is like a spider’s web

Every spider weaves a different web. And the same is true with people who embody Wisdom Wheel. The environment they live in, their interests and unique self-expression will influence what they create. Each will be different however the fundamentals of the structure are the same.

First the spider needs to choose to move out of the hanging around and hiding option to creating. The first thread of the web represents ‘Making Choices’ the first Aspect in Wisdom Wheel. This is where you cultivate the practice of setting intentions. Intentions are in effect the decision to stop being a passenger in life. You are taking the wheel and deciding where you want to go.

This thread takes the spider to the middle of the web and it reconnects you to your inner wisdom. Making Choices, guides your actions to create a satisfying and joyful lifestyle.

As you bring another thread into your life, and anchor it, you are able to naturally create more balance. I recommend ‘Appreciative Enquiry’ as the second aspect. This practice supports you to review your life and notice what’s good. If you keep practicing, you will be getting real honest data about your life, the breadth of your life not just a few niggles/issues/ heath challenges that you gain all your attention. There is much more to your life, so much to be grateful for, and this will help you change your mindset. Life will feel easier and more abundant.

Prioritising yourself in your life.

Once you have anchored these two practices into your life over a couple of months, I suggest you start a couple more Aspects. These will strengthen your inner web. Choose from: Movement, Something New, Community Connection, Soulful Practice, Be Creative or Adventurous Journey. Just add the Aspects into your life and you will feel the way they elegantly move your life to holistic balance. You will feel resourced. You are prioritising yourself in your life. This isn’t being selfish, this is self-care.

Monthly Review Sessions

When you review your activities on the Wisdom Wheel Planner, you will be amazed at what you have done! Many people tell me, in our Monthly Review sessions, that they feel elated and a sense of pride. Before the Review, they may have felt flat, but after reviewing their month, they feel a greater sense of wellbeing, as we acknowledge their achievements, on their journey.

A spider’s web has the radial strands that go into the center of the web, these are the 8 Aspects. The spider then starts at the outside edge and connects the strands. By fill in the boxes each month on the planner with the activities you have been doing, you too are creating threads that connect and strengthen your invisible web. The activities are developing skills and attributes. Your choices, the activities you choose to undertake will express your uniqueness and values.

What happens if I can’t do all 8 Aspects every month?

A spider’s web isn’t perfect, there may be a hole where a thread is absent, but the overall structural integrity isn’t compromised. If you keep missing the practices, you will notice the difference. People report the fact that they like Wisdom Wheel because it simply shows them what is missing if they aren’t doing all 8 Aspects. It simply highlights what is needed in their lives when the look at their planner. There is no need to work it out. It is simply a choice. This is a journey of self-awareness; discovering how to live a balanced, satisfying and joyful life.


“My world has been non-stop, it’s something else on top of my busy life. When I look back, it’s helpful to see on one piece of paper a record of my achievements. Focusing on the positives.”

“Maybe I think it needs to be more difficult- but it doesn’t, it just happens. Just being part of something, the monthly meetings, it just ticks along in the background without much effort.”

Find out more about Wisdom Wheel and the 8 Aspects. You can use this link to join the community. We connect, inspire, encourage and celebrate each other on the journey.


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