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Let me help you get further clarity about whatever is keeping you stuck in your life!

Are you lacking confidence?
are you playing it small?

Grab your paper, pens and come to this monthly FREE  4 Session Online Workshop. One hour each session.  This workshop reconnects you to your Strength & Confidence.

It’s time to step up and claim the life you want. If we want a better world, we need to start with ourselves


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Monday 12 – Thursday 15 April 2-3pm (GMT +1)

“Sarah created a safe space with clear boundaries right from the start, she guided the meditations clearly and brought everyone into a loving, respectful sharing experience. The atmosphere was caring and understanding with real, frank, truthful expression and real listening happening.”

Bridget Karn

Are you full of anxious thoughts?
Have you lost your sparkle?

Join me for 4 one-hour online coaching sessions.  It’s time to open to receive the abundance of life! Relax and allow your joy-filled life to radiate. 

Monday 17 – Thursday 20 May 2-3pm (GMT +1)