Compassionate Kit Bag

Your Tool Kit for Life’s Journey
A Compassionate Kit Bag is a place to put reminders for your compassionate self, so you can use your resources to nourish you along life’s journey.

You can use any bag or box or other container. If you are feeling challenged by your journey, you have these self-nurturing items with you help you connect to your strength. Collect together items that are meaningful, or those you know will be helpful.

You might find these items inspiring, empowering, calming, soothing, motivating, bringing confidence, strength, calm composure and wisdom. Some items you might choose may have some sadness attached by their association with an event or person. You will need to decide if it is right to include this item.

If you physically cannot put the item in the bag or box, then perhaps use a reminder of the item, for example, a picture of an iPod, mp3 player.

Start small
You may have some items that you immediately know would fit in this compassionate kit bag. As a traveller you don’t want big items, choose a few important items that make you feel good about yourself perhaps they bring up a positive memory, or represent something that is important, inspiring, motivating or gives you a boost in some way.


  • Music
  • A talking book, self help or calming mp3
  • Pictures/postcards
  • Smells – oils, favourite perfume or a sachet of coffee
  • Reminder of compassionate image (self or other)
  • Book, poem, quotes
  • Letter or cards from family or friends
  • Objects with meaning
  • Hobby e.g. drawing, photography
  • Reminders of your strengths
  • Grounding or soothing objects – soft woolly socks or blanket, hand or foot lotion, massage oil, warm bubble bath, nail varnish, make-up, bracelet
  • Fruity snack or treat

Keep your compassionate kit bag nearby, maybe next to your bed to remind yourself every day how strong and loved you are. It will help you ground yourself and connect with your inner strength. You will bounce back up and feel empowered.

I believe in you. Go for it!


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I love camping but sometimes it can be hard work especially with my two boys. We have always used a relatively small tent but after several altercations with the other half whilst putting up the tent and the poles breaking we splashed out… Our new and rather ginormous air beam tent arrived last week claiming that you could pitch it in 12minutes!
After 20 minutes it was up and there was no fighting. It’s a Big tent but I am very impressed with the air beams …..I’m looking forward to taking it to Austria at the end of the month, we will have to pack light as it takes up half the boot.