Awaken your Sage Archetype

“Education is the path to wisdom and wisdom is where the answer is.”

The Sage Archetype seeks the truth to set us free. From knowledge and experience they gain wisdom. Their gifts are understanding, intelligence, scepticism, clarity and non-attachment. The Sage helps us see the world objectively, stepping out of dogma. Their fear is deception.

The shadow side of the Sage Archetype

The unfeeling judge is the shadow side. They are cold, heartless and often pompous. Casting their judgement of others and saying they are not good enough. This makes them overly critical with a lack of feeling or empathy. They are addicted to being right.

Why you need a healthy Sage Archetype

The Sage Archetype enables us to discern truth. They seek the next nugget of knowledge to find truth and enlightenment. Healthy Sage energy is sceptical, but using discernment, they seek the objective truth. In today’s world of misinformation, it is important to use your Sage to enable you navigate your way to the truth, enabling you to make the correct choices for you.

“The flame is not bright to itself as it is to those it illuminates: so too the Sage.” Friedrich Nietzsche

The Sage will support you to analyse the results of your actions and choices, fast-tracking your growth and results.

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If you want to make real progress in your life, its time to access your inner Sage.

“The truth will set you free.”