Awaken your Friend Archetype

We all want to belong to something larger

Do you want to be more accepting of other people? Do you crave creating and forging connections with people? Do you need resilience to survive the space you are in?  The Friend Archetype is the energy that you need to reconnect to enjoy being part of a group.

You can access all the different Archetype energies. Some may be more available than others depending on your life experience. The art is to be able to access what you need when you need it. If you’re at a point where you want to be part of a group, team or something bigger, the Friend Archetype is the energy you need to feel belonging and commit fully!

treat people the way you want to be treated

This down to earth and unpretentious archetype understands that everyone matters, just as they are. The Friend expects little from life but teaches with empathy, realism and is streetwise. Their goal is to feel a sense of belonging.

Why do I need healthy Friend Energy in my life?

The shadow side of the Friend Archetype is the Victim, who blames her in competence and irresponsibility on others and expects special treatment from life because she feels so victimised or fragile. When the shadow side is in control of her life, she will attack those trying to help her, harming others and herself simultaneously. Otherwise, she may collapse and become dysfunctional as she feels incompetent and is a chronic complainer. The pitfall is cynicism which is a negative and draining thought behaviour.

Why do I need Friend Energy?

The Friend Archetype can support you in your search for a sense of belonging.

“ True belonging:

Be vulnerable. Get uncomfortable. Be present with people without sacrificing who you are.” Brené Brown

Do you want to feel you belong rather than just fitting in? Do you need the energy to work hard and get things done? Would you like to connect to more enjoyment in your life?

The strength of The Friend is their interdependence and pragmatic realism. If you need to create something, being able to connect with others and work with them to create it, is a huge help. The Friend Archetype is resilient, they don’t give up at the first challenge. If you want to be able to bounce back join my Friend Archetype workshop.

The life experience of The Friend means they understand challenges and they are able to empathise with others. This is a superpower and makes them valuable friends and team members. The Friend’s gifts are stewardship, altruism, fairness and respect. They are a key member in any project.

“You are imperfect. You are wired for struggle. You are worthy of love and belonging.” Brené Brown