Exploring Venice


Are you happy to follow the crowds, or do you prefer to do your city breaks a little bit differently. On our trip to Venice I didn’t feel like paying the tourist prices to a single gondola trip, I wanted to explore a bit more and under my own steam, but with a local guide who could show us all the best bits, (as well as challenging us to sneak through one or two tight spaces!)
Venice Kayaks are a lovely local outfit who have all the inside knowledge and kit 🙂
Plan something out of the ordinary on your next visit to an unknown city!

Sea kayaking on the Jurassic coast

Durdle Doors.jpg

I had seen pictures of Lulworth Cove and Durdle Doors on the Jurassic Coast in England, but had never had the chance to visit. So when the chance arose to head down there for a week, I knew what I wanted to do.
Sea kayaking is rather weather dependant as the tides and winds can put up a definite red flag NO, but we were hopeful for a window of lower winds to safely do some wonderful coast exploring.
On the day of this trip it looked like we would just have to paddle Lulworth cove and poke our noses out to see what the waves were like. Wind was due to drop, but it might still be a bouncy ride. But we could always come back another day.
Tourists thronged the streets and the paths along the cliffs, but out on the water we felt in our element and far from the madding crowds. Waves were just cresting white and the paddling was fun rather than placid, but the wind was dropping and the skies were brightening as we ventured along the coast. Then there was the iconic arch, the sun came out, skies turned blue and it was just perfect!
Further along was bat arch and some deserted beaches and caves to discover before we headed back to our campsite for a camp fire. Exhilarated and happy.