Awaken the Magician Archetype

The Magician Archetype is associated with mystery, alchemy and transformation. Magician Archetypes are visionaries, thinkers and creators of sacred space. They are the carriers of secret knowledge. The Magician can also be called the Visionary, Shaman, Healer or Medicine Woman.

They are naturally curious and know how to harness technology to their advantage. They understand the spiritual world and can explain it in simple terms. They know how to learn from their mistakes and grow. The gifts of the Magician Archetype are personal power, catalytic, healing powers and transformative.

The shadow side of the Magician

The shadow side of the Magician is using their powers to manipulate others and making ourselves and others ill through negative thoughts and actions. They may be disconnected with reality or become a cultist guru.

We engage in evil sorcery any time we belittle ourselves or another. Also when we diminished self-esteem by lessen options and possibilities.

do need to make your dreams a reality?

The Magician’s quest is not to do magic, but to transform someone or something in some way. They have the ability to manifest something from nothing. Magician Archetype energy is intellectual with a strong sense of intuition. They provide protection and guidance. They are charismatic, the mentor with the supernatural powers. Believing anything is possible, they teach others their belief.

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