Is your brain too busy? You need nature

This only takes a few moments but finding stillness in your busy brain will allow you access the creative side of your brain. You will be able to ponder on a question and find answers from a new perspective. Innovative solutions to problems will come to you as you go for a walk in nature.

I like to be outdoors, in wild places connecting with nature. Nature grounds us, it brings our brain waves back into a natural rhythm. When we are in this natural rhythm our minds aren’t so busy and our bodies physically relax a little. It doesn’t matter what the weather – rain, sun or wind.

The important thing is to be observant in nature. See the bigger picture around you, if there is a view, drink in the magnificence of the view. If your view is more restricted, such as a small garden or the park, do your best and look at the leaves at the top of the trees. Take in the expansiveness of nature. It helps us to switch off from our busy minds and human concerns.

By focusing your bodily senses, you will really start to nice the enormity and detail in nature. The thousands of leaves shimmering in the wind. The complex song of a blackbird. The wind and sun on your skin. What can you smell?

Taking ourselves out of our brains and focusing on the bodily sensations allows our brain to quieten. If you find somewhere to sit or stand, just be still and notice. Now you focus on the detail of one thing such as a leaf or a flower. Really notice it, find new ways to look at it and explore it. This focusing of the mind stops any remaining chatter in the brain. Reconnect with your child-like wonder. See the world through a child’s eyes – be amazed at the things you find and see, hear, smell, touch and feel.

I recommend stopping and going outside for a bit. Just noticing, being still and allowing your brain to quieten. You don’t have to push hard to find the answer. The easy way is to be still and allow the answer to percolate into you.

Give it a try and let me know how you get on.

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