Cultivating Empowered Connections: Nurturing Better Relationships with Other Women

Two women embrace

In a world where women are often pitted against each other, fostering positive and supportive connections with other women is essential for personal growth and collective empowerment.

How do you think and act?

Do you believe things can change? Do you think you can change? Do you expect bad behaviour from women colleagues at work or in society? Or do you expect another woman to have your back? What would you do if someone came out of a toilet cubicle, with their skirt tucked in the pants? Would you lean in and say something with a caring heart? “You may need to check your skirt; I think it’s caught.” Or would you let her walk out oblivious into potential ridicule and feelings of shame? If you wouldn’t lean in a quietly say something… why is that?

Dysfunctional relationships

When our relationships with fellow women are dysfunctional, we might find ourselves feeling small, frightened, inadequate, and reluctant to be truly seen. I work with women in groups and the themes that come up repeatedly are feeling unsure, a need to be quiet and not good enough. This sense of not feeling that they belong also can be felt and it can be expressed as I don’t care. We hide our hearts from each other.

Kasia Urbaniak in her book ‘UNBBOUND A woman’s guide to power’ describes our animal body. This is the egoic part of you that wants to keep you safe. You are always in the egoic structure unless we intend not to be in it.  If our animal body is acting scared and frightened, because of your deep routed believes, it will give out signals to those around us. This dysfunctional behaviour we present means that other people don’t feel safe around us. The feedback means, it doesn’t feel safe to us and so the cycle continues to the bottom.

There is an alternative to your autopilot!

There is an alternative, you may not have experienced, but it is available to you, to everyone. You can pause and choose to step into a higher consciousness, a higher orientation out of your animal body. I guide women to access this new way of being in the world through Heal the Sister Wound. This automatically calms our bodies and allows us to turn up fully and whole.

Functional connections

Functional connections can bring about a sense of expansion, joy, enjoyment, and deep connection. Our past human stories, experiences of hurt, betray and deceit no longer define us, they are stories that were intrinsic parts of our lifelong learning. Now you can meet everyone as a unique individual, not your inner projections. There is space for fun, exploring, creating and helping when it is requested. We see each other as whole and capable.

The tools you learn in Heal the Sister Wound need to be applied in your life. Here are some insights into how we can build and maintain healthier relationships with other women.

1. Embrace Vulnerability:

Cultivate a space where vulnerability is welcomed and celebrated. Opening up about your own struggles and insecurities creates an environment that encourages others to do the same, fostering authentic connections.

  1. Celebrate Differences:

Recognise and appreciate the diversity among women. Embrace the uniqueness of each individual, understanding that our differences contribute to a rich tapestry of experiences and perspectives.

  1. Practice Active Listening:

Truly hearing and understanding another woman’s story is a powerful way to build empathy and connection. Practice active listening by giving your full attention, validating feelings, and responding with compassion.

  1. Lift Each Other Up:

Be a source of encouragement and support for other women. Celebrate their successes and offer a helping hand during challenging times. A community that uplifts one another creates a positive and empowering space.

  1. Let Go of Comparison:

Comparison is the thief of joy. Instead of measuring ourselves against other women, focus on your own journey. Acknowledge and celebrate your strengths while appreciating the strengths of those around you.

  1. Foster Healthy Competition:

Competition can be healthy when it encourages growth and excellence without undermining each other. Shift the focus from outdoing one another to pushing each other to be the best versions of yourselves.

  1. Practice Self-Compassion:

Extend the same kindness and understanding to yourself that you offer to others. When you cultivate self-compassion, it becomes easier to extend that compassion to fellow women, creating a culture of support and acceptance.

  1. Establish Boundaries:

Healthy relationships require clear boundaries. Communicate openly about your needs and expectations and respect the boundaries of others. This fosters an environment of trust and mutual understanding.

  1. Collaborate Rather Than Compete:

Seek collaboration over competition. Working together on shared goals and projects can create a sense of unity and shared accomplishment, strengthening the bonds between women.

  1. Cultivate Gratitude:

Express gratitude for the women in your life. Acknowledge their positive qualities and the impact they’ve had on your journey. Gratitude fosters a positive mindset and deepens the connection between individuals.

  1. Be Mindful of Communication:

Choose words that uplift and empower. Mindful communication involves expressing yourself authentically while being conscious of how your words may impact others. Avoid gossip and judgment, fostering an atmosphere of trust.

  1. Lead with Love:

Ultimately, lead with love. Approach your relationships with a genuine desire for the well-being and happiness of the women around you. Love and kindness are powerful catalysts for creating positive and lasting connections.

In a world where unity and support among women are invaluable, building better relationships is not just about personal fulfillment but also contributes to the collective strength and resilience of all women. Don’t let a woman step out and feel shame, be there by her side and celebrate her bravery. Let us strive to create spaces where women feel empowered, valued, and deeply connected, allowing each of us to shine in our unique brilliance.

All changes comes from within. You can access tools that enable you to create functional connections with other women within Health the Sister Wound.