Creating freedom in your life by adding structure!

Creating freedom in your life by adding structure

What do you think when I say structure? Do you recoiling, feeling it will end your spontaneity and fun? Or do you breathe a sigh of relief and think thank goodness, I know where I am within structure, it stops the chaos! Or are you somewhere between the two opinions? Your beliefs about structure, will shape how you perceive things, so I ask you to be open minded. as we explore creating freedom in your life by adding structure.

Suffocating Structures

Structure isn’t meant to be a torniquet cutting your life off. It shouldn’t stop you expressing your uniqueness. Structure shouldn’t be an endless set of rules that make you feel unable to do anything and powerless.

Organising your life

The way you set up your life, will determine the output. If you have created organisational structures, such as places for your things and a route of putting your keys in the same place each time. You have made a structure that enables you to be effective with your time and energy, rather than wasting time looking for things. You can get more done in your day and avoid feeling stressed and frustrated looking for your keys again!

Structure is a framework

Structure is a framework. It is an opportunity for you to be yourself within the framework. The framework is there to create sensible healthy boundaries which will enable you to create balance, rather than excess. Structuring your time, ensures you prioritise time for the things that are important in your life. This supports you to stop wasting your life on things that deplete your energy.

Be intentional

It is time to take back the power in your life. Stop being carried along by the currents of other people’s agendas and get clear on your priorities. Use structure to carve out time for the things you want in your life.

It starts first thing in the morning

Each day is a new day. It is a new start. It is an opportunity to do things differently. Think about this as a clear piece of ground. What do you want to build on it that day? Do you know what you want to build during your day? This is your intention. Without intention and structure, your day will turn into chaos, a feeling of responding to other, always putting yourself last.

What if you get up in the morning and start by laying firm foundations for your day? Make time to listen to your inner wisdom and set your intention from a heart-cantered perspective. Move, stretch and get the energy flowing in your body. Get a sense of what you need to do first and take action.

Firm foundations create stability

How you start your day ripples through the whole day. Don’t start in responding-mode as this is the direct route to over-whelm! Prepare the night before for your day and give yourself time in the morning to reconnect with your soul/inner wisdom and what you want. Lay firm foundations that prioritise you. No matter what happens during the rest of the day, you will find it easier to come back to the quiet centered space in yourself that you cultivated in the morning.

Start tomorrow!

Tomorrow is a new day; it is also a great opportunity for a new beginning. Use this as an opportunity to do something different. Choose what you will do. Choose just one thing. Are you going to: eat a healthier breakfast, go outside and connect with nature, a grounding practice and connect with your inner wisdom, make your choices for the day, week or month or do 15 minutes of yoga? Make the preparations the night before so you guarantee success – including setting your alarm to go off earlier!

Take action and create a firm foundation in your life

To create a new habit, you need to repeat it. When the alarm sounds in the morning get up and create the day you want. Take action and follow through with your intention. Structure your day to move you to where you want your life to go. If you keep repeating this structure, you will find you have transformed your attitude and your life. You may also notice that you feel less stressed and more empowered. You will create freedom in your life by adding structure!

Creating a firm foundation for your day stops it wobbling. There will be external factors, but you will feel more capable to cope with life’s challenges. You have prioritised yourself and that makes your life feel more balanced. If you want to find out more about living with empowering structures, join Compass Community or Wisdom Wheel or connect for an exploratory chat.