2020 Winter Solstice – what do you choose for your 2021?

We have all been through a transformational 2020. Whether your work has changed, your financial circumstances, there have been dramatic adjustments to seeing family and friends, as well as your liberties have been constrained. We live in a world with different rules to the one we were in 12 months ago. This Winter Solstice a very potent time. This blog will give you guiding question to help you release 2020 and get ready to welcome in 2021.

Journal prompts

I encourage you to grab your journal a cuppa and settle down for 20 minutes of reflection and visioning. Take a few deeper slow breaths, relax into your body and allow your awareness and answers to come from your heart rather than your head. Complete the following:

For me, the last year has been…

What I have learned is…

I am most proud of…

What good things have happened?

What have been your favourite moments?

What have been your most difficult moments?

What have you learned about yourself?

What has become more important to you?

One word to describe what you are letting of/releasing in 2020:

You may have heard that Jupiter and Saturn will be so close together that they will be seen as one bright star. This is been likened to the Star in Bethlehem. You may want to head out and look in the South West direction for this amazing spectacle. This is a time of great change for the planets. We are affected by their energies and it helps us to understand what is happening.

What does this mean? Saturn represents discipline, structure – this can be yourself and structure and discipline exerted on the masses by external forces. Jupiter is unfolding spirituality and bestower of gifts. Today be aware of these two elements in your life as you set your intentions for the coming year.

You may have also heard that we are stepping into a new age, the age of Aquarius. What does this mean? The last age was Pisces, an earth sign, Aquarius is an air sign. Things won’t feel so heavy. There will be new inspiration, working with technologies and finding new innovative solutions. Aquarius is free-spirited, progressive, original, independent, humanitarian. As Maressa Brown explains that “this period will be about learning and growth around how we as individuals contribute to and affect — for better or worse — the world around us, whether that’s a collaborative effort with colleagues or fellow environmental protection activists. It’ll be about putting in the work and reaping the benefits of trading “me” for “we.”

Journal Prompts for 2021

What is your vision for the future?

What needs to die to make space for your vision?

What is working for you?

If you knew you couldn’t fail, what do you think you’d be doing that you aren’t now?

What is important to you?

How can you be disciplined to create the life you want?

What are you known for?

What do you want to be known for?

What do you need to let go of to align with the new you?

What spiritual gifts are there for you, if you choose to elevate your frequency by stepping out of fear and allow more love into your life?

What is your word for 2020?

What is your first step towards that?

Aquarius is a future-focused sign. Get clear on your vision for your future. Transformation comes from the inside out. Give your self 20 minutes to get clear on your next year. Please share below any insights on your 2020 or what you want to create in 2021.

Happy Solstice


Stuck or grow – which will you do?

The trauma of ending a long-term relationship cuts deep. The end of one part of your life allows you to create something new. In this blog I want to share why setting goals is so important to creating the life you want. I hope you will be inspired to set your own goals and make your dreams come true!

When I broke up from my long-term partner, I had to get used to being just me, not part of a couple. It was challenging changing my vocabulary, not using words such as we or us, it was now I or me. So, who was the I without the we? What had I given up to be part of a couple? I looked inside and realised, I’d given up on some of my dreams, to mould myself to be with my partner. Now I was on my own, did I want to follow my dreams? It was a clear choice, stay stuck or grow?

Growth objectives
It’s a simple question, but it applies to every part of your life. When you step back and look at all aspects of your life: work-life balance, career, fun/hobbies, finances, spiritual and mental growth, relationships, emotional growth and health/fitness, what do you think? Are some areas better than others? Parts of your life that you are happy with, that are running smoothly. But are there one or two areas that are dragging you down? You may already know what you want to change? These are areas for personal growth, they are your growth objectives.

Why would I want to have a growth objective I hear you say? It sounds like challenging work and I’ve no time or energy for any of that. I just want to plod along and have a quiet life. Okay, I hear you, but do you want a better life? The path to a better life, is sorting out the problems so you’re happier and more fulfilled.

Get clarity and set goals
Getting clarity about a problem can help you find a route to make changes. Sometimes problems can feel big, overwhelming and frankly impossible. If this is where you are, and you want to make a change, I suggest you get a coach. A coach will help you clarify your thinking. You can get clear on exactly what you want to change and create a goal. Having a goal means you can look at options and decide your best way forward. You create a set of small actions that move you towards your goal. Lists help, make them, do the action and tick them off. You feel good about your progress and this keeps you focused.

Achieving your goals
Do dreams come true? In my case, yes, they do! My dream was to ride a motorbike and go touring on a Triumph in the Dolomites. This was my dream since I was a teenager. I’d let other things get in the way, I hadn’t made it a priority, but inside I still wanted to do it. I looked around at other people who rode motorbikes, they didn’t seem to be any better than me. If they could do it, I could do it.

I decided to go for it! I’d try to get my motorbike license. In my mind this could result in one of three possible outcomes:

  1. Pass my license and I was on the way to making my dream a reality or
  2. Fail the test, but I was proud of myself for trying
  3. Realise that I didn’t want to ride a motorbike to the Dolomites, end of dream nonsense.

Any of the above options was a good outcome in my eyes. I found a local motorbike school that was supportive of women and I booked lessons. It was tough. I had to concentrate, learn and master new skills. It sharped up my road awareness and this has benefited me as a cyclist and car driver. I loved learning, challenging myself and developing new skills. As I made small steps, I was proud of my achievements.

My outcome was option 4! When I went for my test, I failed first time, but I wasn’t going to give up on my dream, I’d invested too much. I took my test again and passed. After years of developing my skills as a rider, I went to the Dolomites on my Triumph. My story is the same as many other people’s, I am not super-special or particularly gifted. I had a dream, I broke it down into steps and I just kept going until I reached my goal. I didn’t achieve it in a week, it took me years. But I can say with my hand on my heart that my life is richer. Motorbiking has given me a sense of freedom, squealing in my helmet, fun, respect and adventure. I’ve met wonderful people, visited beautiful, stop-you-dead-in your-tracks places that make your heart swell. As a teenager I had a dream, as an adult I made the dream come true.

Your time to choose
We all have free will. We all choose the life we want to lead. Which future will you choose? Same as always or doing what you want to do?

Start planning or if you want to get clarity, get a coach. Setting a goal makes an enormous difference when it comes to making changes in your life. The October Business Planning Guide 2017 from Rising Tide Society had a Harvard Study: that revealed remarkable statistics relating to goal setting and success: 83% of the population do not have goals; 14% have a plan in mind, but goals are unwritten; and 3% have goals written down. The study found that the 14% who have goals are 10 times more successful than those without goals. The 3% with written goals are three times more successful than the 14% with unwritten goals. Writing your goals down sets you up to be exponentially more successful. If you want to change your life make a goal and write it down. Be proud of yourself for choosing to change and making your life better. If you want to know what support coaching can give you to achieve your goals, book a free discovery call with me.

Make your dreams come true!