Exploring what Home means

Exploring what Home means

I have been delivering a masterclass at a transformational retreat. The retreat theme was sanctuary and within it, my session was exploring what home means. Each of us has our own ideas of what home is, what it feels like and what our ideal home would be. This masterclass enabled participants to explore home from two different perspectives – their humanness/ego as well as their greatness/soul. What do you think they found by explore what home means?

Home is thought of as something outside us. We can become engaged in making our home look or feel a certain way. There are endless programmes, magazines and article influencing our views, enticing us to update the look of our home! But when we stop to reflect, we sense there is a deeper truth. We aren’t humans having a spiritual experience, we are souls having a human experience. Our body is our home. This is where the soul resides. When your soul is in your body you feel at home.

Where our beliefs are formed

In the masterclass we first explored our behaviours and beliefs from our humanness/egoic perspective. We each build our own unique perception of the world from our experiences, often at a young age. Our childhood is where we learn how the world is and what we need to do to stay safe and in favour with our caregivers. Subconscious beliefs are created from the meaning we have made up about early events in our lives.

Beliefs about Home when we are in our ego or humanness

People think that making your home look better is going to make them feel better on the inside.

  1. “When I have a… ‘fill in the blanks’… hot tub, new kitchen, seven bedrooms, gold taps and knobs etc I will feel happier. These items may make you smile for a while, but happiness is not an external thing. These are pretty distractions that make your space more like the ideas and beliefs you have about what is a good/impressive home.
  2. You always need the next thing to make your home feel more like a nest, the safe space that you desire inside. More soft furnishings, cushions, throws etc.
  3. If I change the way I look, I will feel happier with myself. New shoes, dress etc. but how many new shoes do we need? This is a body equivalent of changing the furniture to feel happier.
Participants shares and awareness

When participants explored what Home meant from an egoic/ humanness perspective, they were expressing the external. The work of upkeep and a space to displaying artifacts. Where the home was whether it was in a town or countryside and where in the world. The look of it – because it needs to be nice for others to visit. It needs to be clean and safe. Things that make it comfortable were also part of this perspective.

The masterclass then shifted up a gear as we connected to our soul and welcomed that into our body. This enabled everyone to attain a higher perspective.

Beliefs about Home when we are in our wholeness or soul perspective

Home is inside you; it isn’t a place.

  1. When you reconnect with your soul and allow it into your body, you feel at home.
  2. You are in the present. You open yourself to your soul-perspective, a higher perspective.
  3. Wherever you are, you feel at home in yourself. Inside a building or outside in nature.

Home can be a single place, but you can also move around the planet creating a new home in the next place you move to. How you feel inside affects how you feel about your outside environment. Your soul perspective is about you, in presence. Your human perspective is based around others and the external.

Participants shares and awareness

From the perspective of our greatness, inner wisdom or soul perspective we explored what home means. This was expressing our wholeness. What was obvious was the complete difference in feeling. People felt centered, grounded, in the present moment and love. They had a physical experience of being in the body and being connected to the earth, to nature. An aspect of the soul perspective of home, was reinvigorate your energy. Other words participants shared were growth, learning, competent, quietness, accepted, authentic-self, truth, acceptance and safety.

Assimilation through powerful creating

The masterclass developed each individual’s self-awareness. They embodied this new consciousness through a powerful creative process. Creativity connects the head and heart, empowering them to assimilate and align into this new level of awareness.

How can you apply it in your life?

Finally, we discussed what this new level of embodied awareness meant in their life. For people who were ending relationships and moving on from their current abode, they recognised that home was inside. There perspective had changed and they felt more relaxed as the need for a certain outcome had disappeared. In their bones, they know that whatever happened it would be okay. They felt safe inside themselves. Another participant recognised that her beliefs about what a good home should look like were linked to childhood experiences at an aunt’s house. She had subconsciously created a home that looked like her aunt’s house. What she realised was that it wasn’t the furniture that was important, rather the feelings at her aunt’s home. This was a place where her authentic self was accepted, there was truth and safety. Her understand moved from the look to the values of the space, that made it feel like home.

This new awareness, whatever your circumstances is deeply calming, it relaxes the nervous system.  Look at what home means in your life at present and what it means from a soul perspective. I encourage you to re-orientate to a soul perspective. When your soul is in your body you feel at home.

What are you going to do with this new awareness?

Journal – How can you apply it in your life?

If you want to experience this masterclass in person, you can book me to deliver it at your retreat, business or school. To explore this and more topics, join Creating Freedom, a series of masterclasses that develops your self-awareness and allows you to transform through a powerful creative process. This process connects your head and you heart and brings them into alignment.

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