Awaken your Innocent Archetype

“It’s never too late to have a happy childhood.” Richard Bandler

Are you struggling to start new projects? If you’ve had setbacks in the past, these may be upmost in your mind. Is your inner voice telling you that you’ll fail? Does the thought of starting something new feel futile? The Innocent Archetype is the energy that you need to reconnect to the optimist within you.

You can access all the different Archetype energies. Some may be more available than others depending on your life experience. The art is to be able to access what you need when you need it. If you’re at a point where you want start something new, the Innocent Archetype is the energy you need to get going!

Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement

The Innocent Archetype is the trusting spontaneous child that while a bit dependent, has the optimism to take the journey. Anyone starting a new venture needs the gifts of the Innocent to get them started – optimism, hope, faith and trust. Without the Innocent, we’d never leave the harbour.

Why do I need healthy Innocent Energy in my life?

The Innocent fears abandonment and seeks safety. They can become dependent on others to fulfil their heroic task. The shadow side of the Innocent is evident in their capacity for denial. They don’t let themselves know what’s going on. They may be hurting themselves and others and they will not let themselves acknowledge it. They may be hurt, but they repress that knowledge as well.

There may be naivete. They may believe what others say even though it is counter to their own inner knowing. This leads to consumerism and sugar addiction. The shadow side of the Innocent is also needs to be cheerful all the time, in a way that denies experiencing other emotions. Cheerfulness is a mask.

Why do I need Innocent Energy?

The Innocent Archetype can support you in your search for happiness. They bring a sense of wonder and appreciate the simple life.

Do you want to feel optimistic about your future? Do you require faith in your abilities? Do you have projects that you want to start?

When the Innocent thrives in us, we believe in possibilities and happy endings. This state of innocence allows us to access new inspiration and start new projects. They bring the gifts of faith, hope, optimism, honesty and trust. If you want to connect with the spontaneous trusting child in you that has the optimism to take the journey, join my Innocent Archetype workshop. This archetype’s greatest strengths are trust and optimism that endears them to others. People will believe their honest optimism, help and support the endeavour.

“Optimism is not just a mindset, it’s a behaviour.” Larry Elder

The Innocent values the simple life and finds happiness and magic in the everyday.

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