Awaken the Entertainer Archetype

Do you need to step forward and share your perspective?

Have you got something important to share? You need to access your Entertainer energy

The Entertainer’s goal is to have fun and brig light to the situation. This archetype also called the jester or fool maty seem synonymous with comedy and humour. The key aspect of this archetype is their ability to see things differently. Perspective is their true skill.

The Entertainer is entertaining, but what they really brig is ideas, innovation and the ability to reframe concepts as no one can. The successful Entertainer can take a serious subject and make light of it in a way that’s comfortable for others.

The Shadow Side of the Entertainer

The Entertainer fears boredom. At their worst they are irresponsible, cruel and frivolous. The shadow side is the glutton, sloth or lecher, defined by urges of the body without any sense of dignity or self-control

The Healthy Entertainer

The Entertainer wants to live joyfully and in the present. They can have fun with intelligence. Life should be lived to the fullest each moment. Enjoy life just as it is, with all the paradoxes and dilemmas.

The Entertainer lives without restraint and shines with unrelenting confidence. They can lighten awkward silences and serious situations. This archetype is not afraid to stand out and may even bend the rules if it will help them reach their goal! The gifts are carefree, joyful, original, enjoyment and irreverence. The Entertainer Archetype allows us to step out into life and share our unique perspective.

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