Keeping Your Confidence Through Perimenopause

Menopause is a woman-centred experience and needs a woman centred approach. It’s difficult to express some of the feelings and experiences during this time. This is a rite of passage into maturity. In her book “The Wisdom of Menopause”, Dr. Northrup calls menopause “the Mother of all wake up calls.” Everything that you have swept under the carpet comes up during menopause, for you to deal with, to face, to heal, to let go of and to learn from as you become the next version of you. Whatever needs to come up for you to be this next, healed version of you, will show itself as physical, emotional and spiritual symptoms.

January 2019 my confidence seemed to drain out of me. Sometimes I’d been getting hot and sweating in the night and this made me wonder, had I slipped into peri-menopausal? Was I moving from the summer into the autumn of my life? We never know when the blood flow will begin, so too, we never know when the last period will be, or how long it will take to not come again. Even though I don’t know it will unfold, I understand it’s part of my journey as a woman.
I started to investigate the menopause. I found out that other cultures that have a much more positive regard for elders in their society are having a different experience. Women don’t experience difficult physical symptoms like hot flushes in cultures that hold elders in high regard. I found that fascinating. Having a positive attitude to getting old made a huge difference to your experience. In my workshops I work with women to define their future, so they feel positive and confident about their life.

I had felt my confidence draining away, which is an unnerving experience. There was no external reason for the way I felt inside. This challenge has enabled me to create tools to support other women, to avoid falling to the bottom of this pit. Our creativity and willingness to share our gifts with the world is linked to our confidence. I can give you tools that will fan the embers of your confidence into a roaring flame!

If you want to see what I’m talking about join me for an introductory workshop:
• Menopause – Grounding, Passion and Power – this supports women going into/through peri-menopause which is a rite of passage for all women. This workshop will not give you medical support, there’s lots of information elsewhere. I offer you tools, language and concepts to prepare you for getting the most out of this transformational process.

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