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The world is so vast, it’s bigger than one lifetime.

Visiting a country for a week or more, is like a first date. Honestly, I’m only just starting to get to know the surface of the place and people. I think you need to live somewhere to truly understand it.

My travels have influenced who I am and how I see the world. I will share a few places that have been formative in my teenage life.


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As a teenager I was very lucky to go on an international scout camp and stay with a

Swedish family. I love Sweden’s outdoorsy culture – walking and canoeing in the summer, cross-country skiing in the winter. Wild camping and fires are natural part of enjoying the outdoors.

I have returned to Sweden many times to go cross-country skiing.

A highlight was a hut to hut cross-country skiing tour in the north of Sweden. Eating flat bread and cheese sandwiches, drinking blueberry soup. We sat on our skiis as the snow was so deep we would sink up to our thighs without them! One of my best bits of kit on that trip was the bothy survival bag – it kept the five of us warm when we need to stop and refuel.

Each hut had a wood burning stove, it was good to get warm after a cold day at -25C!

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