Celebrating the beauty of a middle-aged woman

Its autumn in the UK and I love this time of year, the turning of the colours. Things move out of vivid colours to richer tones. A woman’s life can be linked to the seasons and I’m in the autumn of my life. I am an Autumn Queen. In this blog, I going to share my musings about nature and why women’s middle aged bodies are beautiful.

A woman’s life in seasons

As I said the seasons can be linked to the phases of a woman’s life. Spring is the girl/maiden, after her first period she moves into Summer the mother, which is a time of creation – this may be work it doesn’t have to be children. Autumn in the peri-menopause, the time of letting go of the old that no longer serves us in our lives, like the trees let go of their leaves. We bring the harvest of our experience to those we serve. Finally, there is winter, the crone, this about endings and there has to be an ending for there to be something new.

The bust of Nefertiti was found in an Egyptian tomb in 1913. This changed the west’s perception of beauty. Out went the curvy renaissance woman with her feminine body a soft tummy. Nefertiti was a new kind of beauty, slim and angular, you will be familiar with this form in photoshoots in magazines. Models are chosen to represent this idea of beauty.

Not many women’s bodies are naturally the shape that is portrayed. It’s statistically unrealistic to have a model body. Letting go of the idea that any of us need to conform to this beauty industry concept is very freeing.

Nature’s beauty

Heading out the house into nature makes me feel relaxed. There’s the grandeur and strength of the trees that have been growing many more years than I have been alive. They will outlast me. The magic and delight of seeing a beautiful flower, a colourful leaf or the stain glass colours of the sun through the leaves. Nothing is perfect but it’s all brings a sense of awe.

Looking at the autumn leaves, I marvel at the beautiful colours as the trees reclaim the chlorophyll, the reds, browns, oranges and yellows. I realised that the tree trunks of the trees all had unique shapes. None of them were perfectly straight and unblemished, the idea tree. They had been moulded by the space they lived in and they each looked beautiful to me. They are each more interesting because they are unique, their shape, ripples, sagging, knots and scar tissue.

Autumn in nature and the Autumn Queen

I realise that trees, leaves and flowers are beautiful because they aren’t perfect. In my blog Women reclaim your bodies I encouraged women to celebrate their bodies as the beautiful vessels of their experiences. We are older, wiser and our bodies show it, just like the magnificent tree trunk with its ripples, sagging and scars.

I see the tree as magnificent. I wondered, is my body as an Autumn Queen magnificent? Only I, decide whether the answer is yes or no. I choose the lens of beauty – is it renaissance or Nefertiti or something else? When I look in the mirror, I choose whether to judge the reflection or not and by what standards. I want my body to flourish. I want to take pleasure in being me. I choose to love my body and l know am magnificent, curves, scars and all.

When you look in the mirror… what do you see?

Do you see your magnificence?

Are you proud of who you are?

Every woman should know she is beautiful. I want you to know in your bones you are beautiful.  If you are struggling to move your mindset and allow this truth in, join my  powerful free workshop: Love Who You Are. You can also work with me one to one as your Embodiment Coach, where we can get to the core of your particular situation and weed out destructive beliefs from your past. Free yourself to be magnificent!

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