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Moving into December 2020, this blog will support you to finish the year gracefully. We are in the dark half of the year, short days and long nights. This is a time for rest, being, surrendering. The time of year to go inward. When we didn’t have electrical lights, we had to slow with the rhythm of the seasons. This article will give you tips on how to move with more ease through the darkness.

What has the pandemic taught us?

This dark time, the end of autumn as we approach winter is a time to take stock of the year that we experienced. 2020 has been an exceptional year. We have all been in the workshop of life! It has shaken us to our core, made us review what we took for granted and reminded us to appreciate the small things in life.

Many people’s perspective has been changed by their experiences. Previously their life focused on the future and doing. They looked forward to Friday, to going away, the next holiday, they wanted it to be sunny so they could be busy outdoors. The pandemic ended our ability move around and plan with certainty. People’s focus became more about being in the moment and gratitude for what was around them. There was a depth to people’s experiences. Life became about quality, not quantity. Many realised they had been time poor and their health was suffering previously. It has been a big awakening.

Life review without judgement

We can take this quality of being that was cultivated during lockdown and relax back into it. This darkness the time to review your life without judgement. Notice where you are. How does it feel? Just sit quietly, take a slow deep breaths and exhale slowly. Allow yourself to relax. Drop your awareness down to your heart space. Do you feel you are on your path in life? Or does it feel like you are in the gravel or deep sand not going anywhere? Listen to your body, your feeling. What do you sense? Be honest with where you are.

Keep your pockets full of dreams

You know where you are and but do you know where you want to go? Keep your pockets full of dreams because life is a test of faith. What’s the most positive vision you have about your life? What does it look like? How do you ideally see yourself? There’s lots of change in the world and you may feel a need for change in your life. Now is the time to get clear on what that means. You may be choosing a new destination for your life.

New destination

Before this year we were swept along on a narrative which encouraged people to work long hours so they could buy lots of thigs and escape on holiday. What 2020 has taught many is that this way of being wasn’t fulfilling. Time to review their life has enabled their suppressed dreams to bubble o the surface. They are aligning themselves onto their path, getting out of the old rut and stepping into their Life Purpose.

She woke up one morning

In the wrong life,

With no damn idea.

Shock ruptured her soul,


Searching for something –

Nothing was there.

Shaken to her core,

Anxiety fuelled sad


Tears stung her face,

Panic ripped her heart,

Sadness stole her eyes

And truth ran through cold.


She woke up one morning

“You got yourself in this, you get yourself out!”

She focused in tight

On glimpses of light,


One day at a time

She got out of her hole.

Freedom felt close,

Energy soared.


A decision was made,

She trusted herself,

Walked straight out the door

And let her wings bring her home.                    Lynette Allen


What is your Life Purpose?

Now is a good time to do a life review without judgement. I encourage you to check in with yourself. What emotion are you feeling a lot of the time? If you are in a negative space, I encourage you to identify what’s knocking you off course. Are you doing the thing you love doing in life? What brings you joy and fulfilment? You’ll know what it is because even if you aren’t getting paid, you love doing it. You’ll get so absorbed and not notice the time passing.

Embrace the stillness of this time of year. Without stillness nothing new can be created. Take time to be still, go within and listen. Review the past year, learn from all your experiences. Notice how you have grown and developed through these unique times. Celebrate your successes.


What is time to let go of?

You are different, with different friends to the young girl you were many years ago. Everything changes. Trying to stay the same is unnatural. First, you must let go of the old you to make space for the new you. This is like a snake shedding it’s skin. You need to hide under a rock, while you grow and the new you forms. Embrace stillness and allow yourself to hear the wisdom. What are you becoming? In the darkness, what seeds do you need to plant in your life?

If you want support as we move into the darkness to find your path, do get in touch. Schedule a 20 minute complimentary call

Enjoy the gifts of the darkness and stillness.

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