Do you feel the emotions Anger and Rage?

These are powerful emotions. Some might view them as challenging emotions. My society taught me it’s unacceptable for a woman to be angry. Unconsciously, I took on this teaching, being the “good girl” and bottling up my anger. Now I realise this is toxic and I’m no longer willing to do it. I have found old anger, stored in my body from past injustices that I have released. After I felt lighter and calm. My body feels more alive.

Your anger is the part of you that knows the mistreatment of you is unacceptable. Your anger knows you deserve to be treated well and with kindness. Your anger is a pert of you that LOVES you.

Holy rage: taking back our power and life force energy

When I do this work, I put a couple of cushions one on top of the other on the ground or a little chair. I kneel and I pound the cushions with my fists and forearms. I roar, I let the anger come out of my body, it’s not from my mind. I use the whole of my body to put power into beating the cushions.


Doing conscious anger work.

If you’re not used to letting yourself be angry, you may need to give yourself permission to express your emotions. Make sure you are in space where you won’t be disturbed, no matter what noises you are making. You need to feel safe to be able to express your truth.


You can do conscious anger work in a parked car. You just need somewhere that you feel safe and you won’t be disturbed. You can pound the steering wheel and roar. Be careful not to hurt yourself and make sure you avoid the horn and air bag!

When you read this do you sense an internal terror?

What have you supressed?

Are you uncomfortable with identifying as being angry/enraged?

We have a lot to learn from the goddess of holy rage: Sekmeth (Isis loyal companion who protected her).

Finding your voice, power and vitality

The pounding and roaring releases suppressed anger and rage. You find your voice again your sense of personal power (lost to systems, the patriarchy or even people in my childhood and growing up). Under the anger you may feel sadness or another emotion. Be kind to yourself and allow yourself to express these emotions. If these emotions come from your younger self, show her the love and compassion she needs to feel safe. Getting rid of these emotions allows more life energy, chi, and creative force, which basically are two sides of the same coin to flow round your body.


Are you vulnerable to predators?

I wonder if we as women and our lost instincts, boundaries, and learned “nice, kind, good girl” behaviour has also left us unprotected in many ways and caused a lot of wounding.

Were you sent into this world with healthy boundaries or unprotected? Are you/ were you vulnerable to predators?


Predators can be anything- a demanding boss and work-life that expects more and more from you, and you continue saying yes. Partners, relationships that are not good for you, people who take advantage of your kindness and lack of boundaries.


I think we all need our own Sekmeth to protect us: OUR HOLY RAGE!


Connect with your personal power

Releasing my anger and rage, I found not only is my personal power coming back, but also my creativity. Without our creativity we feel numb, passive and always receiving instead of being an active force ourselves, bringing forth new life, new ideas into this world instead of absorbing something from the outside all the time, and being invaded by other people’s opinions and ideas of what we should be and should be doing.


Befriending rage is a process, the first time I could barely make a sound, and just kept hitting. Eventually everything became more embodied and at some point, my voice didn’t sound human anymore but more like a primordial rage. I knew then that this was touching the roots of ancestral rage, of the primal rage of the centuries, and of the deepest goldmine of personal healing.


Befriend your rage

I personally believe that befriending our rage and doing conscious anger work will set us free. As women, we have been told for centuries that anger is unacceptable.  We have been trained to fade into the background – the realm of anger and aggression has always been the realm of men. Homemaking, sewing, childcare etc were “womanly” tasks.   Phrases like “nice girl”, “good wife” can be translated to mean women that are non-emotional, compliant, subservient.  Women that freely display strong emotions are called “mad”, “crazy”, “unstable” or even “manly”.


Rage as an emotion does not arrive without a reason.

Something is causing that rage, whether an underlying emotional situation, a true pathology, or a primal urge (such as the urge to protect and defend).  Rage is the messenger that a LIFE ISSUE needs to be addressed and that transformation of self or the situation must take place.

Honour your anger by giving a voice to it. Reclaim your emotions. Express your rage through conscious anger work. Roar, move, punch a cushion, dance, whatever works for you, this is a reclaiming of lost power, lost voice, of mending the heart. You are reclaiming life energy, healing, becoming whole and unwounded.

You always have a divine right to draw a sacred circle around you. The protection you invoke for yourself and others helps you move from feeling helpless to taking loving action.

We all need to roar! Here’s a link to Katy Perry’s Roar

If you want to delve into Emotions further, this topic is explored along with many others in my programme: Discover Your Truth. You will peal back the layers of conditioning to find out who you are. You will claim your power, your confidence and your truth.

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