What is the Sister Wound?

This may be a new term to you, but I’m sure you will recognise the symptoms of the Sister Wound:

  • mistrusting other women
  • feelings of separation
  • fear of rejection
  • fears of being seen or heard
  • playing small
  • unable to feel at peace and grounded in yourself
  • unable to fully love yourself
  • difficulty in setting healthy boundaries
  • patterns of victimhood
  • inability to stand up for ourselves
  • fear of stepping up
  • fear of authority

What has been the impact on your life?

What will be the impact on your future?

What difference would the right solution mean?

This is something my heart calls me to do. I sense that many women also feel called to heal these deep ancestral wounds.

Why do we need to heal the Sister Wound?

There are two reasons:

  1. for ourselves individually
  2. to help heal our world through reconnection

Our ancestors may be dead, but they are with us in our beliefs and behaviours. The scar we have inherited comes from The Burning Times.

At this point in our history we became separated from the earth. Nature was seen as evil and so it was possible to see it as a commodity. The was the start of our colonial con-questing mindset. Up to this point we had lived in harmony with nature.

Trusting ourselves and other women

We are now at a transformational point in our lives and for the human-race. We need to heal the wounds. As women we need to be able to trust ourselves and other women. We need to reconnect to the earth and revere nature, so we can live in harmony with it rather than exploiting it with no regard for future generations. We are aware the human-race could become extinct if we don’t change our beliefs and behaviours.

Becoming more conscious

We operate in autopilot, doing things we have always done it. Following the tradition, we have grown up in and copied. Now it’s time to consider what you do and why you do it. What if the cultural norm isn’t supporting women to flourish? How can women support each other to create a better world?

Healing the Sister Wound

How many of the symptoms above did you recognise in yourself? One, two, five or all of them? No judgement, just notice how it is. Are you happy living with these symptoms? How do they impact on your life?

How does it affect you when you can’t stand up for yourself?

What are the long-term affects in your life of always playing it small?

What will be the impact of you sorting it out?

Would you like to know how I can help you?

Now is the time to step side by side with your sisters to create a better future. Register on Healing the Sister Wound and share it with your friends. Let’s work together in these workshops to release the wounds of the past. The fear of other women, betrayal, guilt, keeping each other small and following the social norms. It’s time to dream of a better future and work with other amazing women to create it.

Let’s heal the Sister Wound.

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