Solo not lonely – Make your own adventure this valentines day

Love yourself this Valentine

As we edge towards another commercialised holiday celebrating being loved I ask, must you be in a relationship to feel love?  Must we be defined by the vision of a loved-up couple whispering sweet nothings and sharing a bottle of something sparkling on Valentine’s day?

Is there a valentine’s day card that reads ‘Dear Me, You are worth it and I love you for everything you are‘?

I hazard a guess at no, but we don’t have to be constrained by these stereotypes and our limiting beliefs of what we are worth.

Investing in yourself, practising self-love and being kind to yourself despite cultural expectations is such a powerful action and can really make a difference to how you see your life.

Solo does not have to be lonely

Being solo in life doesn’t have to mean being lonely and unhappy.  Quite the opposite.  Discovering your inner purpose, aligning with your inner compass, going after the life that you want and all the adventures that brings, fills you up with new respect, new love and new dedication to you and everything you want to be.

Solo female travel has increased hugely in recent years. Google searches for ‘solo women travel’ increased by 32% in 2017 and 59% in 2018. The search grew to a jaw-dropping 230% increase in 2019. So women are getting out there, travelling on their own and experiencing the world just for them.

How do you feel about doing something for yourself as we move to Valentine’s Day?

What would your adventure be?  Where would go? What would you do?

This is the real juice of life. This stuff makes you sparkle from the inside out.  Kick back on the cultural lovey-mush and find you own romantic adventure with you.

Top 5 ways to practice self-love this Valentines

  1. Do something special just for you, massage, explore new foods -cook yourself a recipe from another country
  2. Write a list of all the places you’d like to travel
  3. Go for a walk, just with you and relish the sensory experience, enjoy your body
  4. Write down your goals and aspirations for 2020
  5. Invest in you. What courses can you do or which books can you read for self-development?


If you feel like you need a little support in reaching your goals and aspirations, my Womens Travellers Tribe could be for you.  A group of like minded women, supporting each other, learning new skills, empowering each other.  Read more about the tribe here – WOMENS TRAELLERS TRIBE

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